Happy Belly Bakes, St Marks Road, Bangalore

I have been out of the restaurant reviewing scene for a while now, so after moving to Bangalore I was seriously contemplating if I should get back to it. Back home I decided to take a break as most of the places that were opening up had almost the same menu with grand gimmicks while serving the dishes – dry ice, liquid nitrogen, etc. I did enjoy all of it but only initially. So when Monali from ThatChori asked me to join her for a review on a Saturday afternoon, I was quite skeptical yet decided to join her at Happy Belly Bakes at Devatha Plaza. Located in a complex bang opposite the School, this café has my heart the moment I stepped in.

The walls are adorned with broken mugs, quotes on tiles & other quirky elements. With the big display unit right in the center, you start feasting with your eye immediately – Cupcakes, Pies, Cake Popsicle’s, Cheesecakes, Pastries, Sandwiches & much more. The lights are subtle which makes the café super cozy. Hanging in the corner are their crazy cakes.

We chose the comfy corner table & placed our orders. Started with coffee & hot chocolate – which were perfect – we moved to food.

Quinoa Bowl

Big bowl of Chickpeas (Kabuli Chana), Quinoa, finely chopped bell peppers topped with fresh pomegranates. Vibrant & Colourful. Paired with a Tahini dressing, this bowl was a treat to the eyes but lacked a little in flavour. Though the ingredients were super fresh, had different textures in every bite, it still needed a punch even after the tahini dressing. An amazing option for the healthy eaters.

Corn & Spinach Focaccia Sandwich

I am a sucker for breads & the focaccia here is just perfect. Perfectly grilled, the bread has a nice crunch to it. The spinach & corn filling is very mild which enhances the flavour of the bread. This has to be my favourite dish here. 

Mexican Burrito Roll

Wrapped in a tortilla, this roll is perfect as a take away. Soft tortilla bread is stuffed with smashed red beans, rice with pickled veggies. Again quite mild with the pickled veggie adding a little crunch & tanginess. 


For desserts we tried Chocolate Silk & the Rum Chocolate Square (don’t know the exact name). Justifying its name, the chocolate silk was smooth as silk & absolute melt-in-mouth. The Rum Square was packed with boozy flavor & when paired with dark chocolate, tasted amazing. The best part of the desserts was the balance in flavours – neither too sweet, nor bitter. 

Happy Belly Bakes ensures it has something for everyone even if you are Vegan or following a Keto Diet. With their range of desserts, drinks, savory dishes you definitely won’t be disappointed. While the ambiance & service ensures you will have a comfortable meal, this place is a good option for pick & go. 

On our way out I picked their hot chocolate mix & boy it was a great decision. Just follow the instructions & you will have the perfect cup of hot chocolate for yourself. 

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