Sometimes It Happens by Karan Sharma

Name – Sometimes It Happens
Author – Karan Sharma
Publication – Srishti
Pages – 154
Type – Paperback
Rating – 3/5
Reading – Quick Read

How important is age in a relationship?
If looks deceived, would you ask someone’s age & then fall in love?? If yes, then is it actually “Falling” in love?

Age difference has been a constant criteria in a relationship & it becomes the talk of the town if the woman is elder to the man, even if it by a mere year. Gautam, a 25-year-old finance professional is in love with Roshni. With more than a decade older, Roshni is more than a decade older than Gautam. Being in the same office, they have known each other professionally but their conversations soon turn personal, an emotional bond is formed & they fall in love. 

Its only when Gautam confesses his love for Roshni to his best friend Rohit & sister Richa, all hell breaks loose. He is questioned logically by his friend & sister about the age gap, how will he be dealing with it personally & professionally as Roshni will always be ahead of him in career unless she quits, getting married, having a baby, etc etc Once ready to propose marriage to Roshni, Gautam now has doubts & decides to move to Singapore for a year long training which he has chosen not to attend as that would strain his relationship. Spending time in Singapore & few other incidents, makes him realise his actual feelings & he comes back to propose Roshni. 

Happily engaged, Roshni too starts realising the impact of the age gap between the two. Couple of instances & her best friend provide her a reality check. With the engagement done & just few days before the wedding, Roshni & Gautam re-consider their decision to get married. Do they actually get married? Read the book to figure it out.

The book keeps you engaged. With simple language, it feels like someone is narrating this to you. Though I would have liked the author to elaborate more on the actual relationship, as it’s not “normal”. I had the opportunity, to meet the author & discuss this with fellow readers. I would love the book cover to be anything but this ☺

Would I recommend this book? Yes

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