Dark Blossom by Neel Mullick

Name – Dark Blossom
Author – Neil Mullick
Publication – Rupa
Pages – 212
Type – Paperback
Rating – 4/5
Reading – Quick Read

You can never read the other person’s mind, even if you are a therapist.

Cynthia a therapist by profession is struggling to mend relationship with her own daughter Lily post her divorce with Connor. Been physically abused herself, she has not been able to identify traits of similar abuse in Lily, which has impacted her behavior towards her mother.

Lily, the only child is unable to fathom the fact that her therapist/psychologist mother is unable to read her misery & doesn’t rescue her from the physical abuse caused by her own father having temper issues. A recent break-up with Roy has left her wounded emotionally & even physically. She is gathering courage to share the actual reason behind the break-up with Cynthia.  

Post losing his son & wife in a road accident, Sam meets Cynthia for help. Not being able to identify the exact reason for the accident is bothering & not allowing Sam to seek closure. Once in therapy, Cynthia starts seeing parallel in both their lives. When Sam visit’s Cynthia at home for a urgent, unplanned session he gets introduced to Lily & their bond flourishes beginning with Lily interning at Sam’s office.

But even a therapist needs help occasionally. James – Cynthia’s friend comes to rescue. Helps her help Sam better & makes her realize her actual feelings for Sam.

Everything is going fine until, Cynthia & Lily visit Sam for his birthday celebration & meet Sheriff Matthews – his neighbor, buddy & cycling partner.

The book talks about the journey of these 3 people & how it’s interlinked. Beginning is a bit slow but soon the pace picks up & then it’s difficult to put the book down. Author takes you on an emotional journey that leaves you mildly disturbed. The language is simple & makes the book a smooth read. Would have liked the book cover to be designed better.

Would I recommend it? – Yes.

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