Bhutan Diaries – Day 2

Day 2

Sharp at 7 am I get a call from our guide & driver – Pema who had come to pick us up. With our luggage loaded in the car, we headed to the Immigration Office. To our surprise, the place was deserted. We got introduced to Pema sitting on the katta outside the immigration office & started putting all the documents needed for the permit together.

To Remember – Carry copies of your passport/election card, passport size photos, all the booking & payment details for your stay in Bhutan. All these documents are checked before they let you inside for the bio-metrics.

To our happy realization, we didn’t bother taking copies of our stay details so we started walking around to get the Xerox done. Fortunately we found a cyber-cafe after a while. With our documentation in place, Pema took us to the temple located inside the garden just across the road to the immigration office. Praying for a safe trip ahead, we walked back to the office. Sharp at 9 am the gates opened & we all walked inside. Picked up 2 forms, filled in the details & stood in the line for bio-metrics. We were lucky hence we didn’t have to wait else during the peak season, people have to wait till almost lunch time to get their permits done. So, reach as early as possible ☺

Once our bio-metrics was done, we decided to head to for breakfast. BTW, you will see a lot of female staff in the immigration office which kinda made me feel really good. Famished, we reached Kizmo Café for breakfast, opp the garden. Sitting on the 1st floor, almost the entire floor to ourselves we ordered for a omelet, a veg cheese sandwich & a cappuccino. A tad heavy on the pocket, the breakfast here specially the cheese sandwich is really good. With our tummy full & our permits with us, we started our journey to Thimpu. Located approx. 180+ kms away from Phuntsholing, the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu is in the western part of the country. The drive in our Ford Ecosport was amazing!!! We made several pit-stop’s to soak in the amazing views. At one point we saw this huge waterfall on the mountain across & with the wind blowing really strong, it literally was making the water fly. Lush greenery on both sides of the super awesome smooth rides, our lungs started thanking us for the good air. After few mini-stops later, we waited near a bridge with huge mountain on one side & a valley on the other with a gushing waterfall. How can we stay away??? A photo-session & frozen hands – thanks to the waterfall ka thanda paani – later, we started our ride back. Do notice the prayer flags & mini-stupa’s everywhere. Approx 4.5 hours later, we reached the city center of Thimphu which has a market, famous hotels, restaurants & the clock tower. The clock tower area is like an open-air auditorium with Step-Seating. The climate was really pleasant which made it perfect for Pizza & Fries ☺

Post the breakfast this was our meal & we enjoyed it at Café Thija right next to the clock tower.

Fun Fact – Bhutan doesn’t have any international fast food chains like Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC, etc

A huge portion of French fries, a Fungi Pizza (Mushroom) & coffee later, we started heading to our airbnb. We ditched the hotels & chose this stay. About 10-12 mins away from the main market area is Thimphu Airbnb hosted by Medon. Opp the oldest Dzong in Bhutan, this is such a stunning property. It had my heart the moment I laid my eyes on it. Medon has planned the house so beautifully. We stayed in the green room located on the ground floor & was perfect for both of us. Completely self-sufficient with extra pillows, blankets, towels, bed-heater, etc etc. Post a small chillax session, we head back to the city to visit the market & get the night-view of the Dzong. The actual plan was to visit the Buddha Temple to get the night view of the city but I started freezing & it started to drizzle, so we decided to ditch it. Walked around the market, ate momo’s, tried Bagthuk – a Bhutanese noodle soup, similar to Thukpa but way better & some conversations later, we were back in our cozy rooms for a good night sleep.


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Pema 😀


Immigration Office


Prayer Wheels


Bhutan Gate


Breakfast at Kizmo Cafe





Clock Tower, Thimphu



French Fries with Red Chilli Paste & Ketchup at Thijha Cafe


Funghi (Mushroom) Pizza


Thimphu AirBnb




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