Pyjamas Are Forgiving by Twinkle Khanna


Name – Pyjamas Are Forgiving
Author – Twinkle Khanna
Publication – Jaggernaut
Pages – 220
Type – Paperback
Rating – 2.5/5
Reading – Easy Read

Didn’t match my expectations.
Having read her past books I was really looking forward to this one & hence pre-ordered it.

Vulnerability – For me this book depicts this emotion significantly.

Anshu, divorcee in her forties, is visiting a Kerala ayurvedic retreat centre to balance her Dosha’s – a ritual she has been following for few years now. The task for drinking ghee, eating less, minimum connection to the outside was not tough enough – Jay her ex-husband walks in with her current wife & cousin to making her stay further difficult.

Jay, almost a decade older than Anshu – feel in love with her & got married. “I want to see the world” Anshu’s dream is being fulfilled by the then loving husband. Constantly trying to please Jay, Anshu tweaks her life accordingly. “98 beats & no more” leads to their relationship to fall apart. Jay starts straying, gets involved with Shalini & eventually divorces Anshu.

Watching Jay with Shalini brings back memories of they time spent here making Anshu vulnerable & getting involved to Jay again. Shalini the trophy wife even younger than Anshu is a handful for Jay & adds to his frustration. He is happy & relieved seeing Anshu. Jay being the manipulative self starts distancing Shalini for the familiar comfort with Anshu, which is noticed by Vivaan, Jeena & Lalit – the fellow participants.

Jeena a free-spirited international traveller gains Anshu’s liking & protectiveness. Lalit – Jay’s cousin, this retreat is a way to get him sign a deal – is eyeing Jeena & eventually forces himself on her. This leads to an accident & Jeena getting admitted into the ICU. Will Anshu stand for Jeena or be her vulnerable self & will do as Jay says?

Mandy, Vivaan, Javed, Anil, Babaji, Dr Menon, etc are the other characters in the book but they don’t leave much impact. The writing is smooth with few quirks keeping it light. But having read her past books & columns, this book was a let down. It’s a simple story, which has been elaborated.

Will I recommend? – No




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