Bihar Diaries by Amit Lodha


Name – Bihar Diaries
Author – Amit Lodha
Publication – Penguin
Pages – 288
Type – Paperback
Rating – 4.5/5
Reading – Quick Read

As desi as it can be 🙂

Police One of the most respected & dis-respected profession in our country. Called by different & derogatory names, they officers sometimes genuinely don’t receive the respect they deserve. Yes, there are few moles but that doesn’t make the whole system is flawed. This book is based on true life incidents of IPS Officer Amit Lodha when he was posted in Bihar one of the most notorious states on the country.

Bihar features in the top 3 states producing the most number of IAS & IPS officers & on the hindside its home to some massively notorious goons. Vijay Samrat one of Bihar’s most feared goons known for kidnapping for ransoms, murders, theft’s etc escapes from the jail thanks to his detailed planning & accomplice – Horlicks Samrat. This book is an account of Lodha’s journey of catching the most wanted Vijay Samrat.

Lodha is an IIT alumini who chooses to take up IPS unlike his batch-mates, who achieve success in the corporate world & enjoy the luxurious on life when Lodha is pushing to have a basic accommodation in place. After the training & initial years, he is posted in Nalada as a SP where he gains popularity & praises for being an honest & upfront officer & resolves cases at a quick pace. Thanks to the internal politics, soon he is transferred to Shekhpura – one of the most dreaded districts. The town is living under the terror of Vijay Samrat & Lodha sets his mind to catch him & his gang.

What follows next is the incredible account of what went through in nabbing Vijay Samrat. With the limited technology that was available during that time, the way Lodha plots his trap is brilliant. Ofcourse, he backed by his loyal team members who help him throughout. But can things be this simple? Politics, back-stabbing, favoring the goon, etc are the few hurdles Lodha has to overcome.

Vijay Samrat, his initial life, nuisances, habits & more is very well written. The telephonic conversations with his love-interest is funny & his character is elaborated neatly. His main man Horlicks Samrat’s character is very relatable. His description actually helps you visualize his personality. Lodha also throws light of the government processes, the pathetic state of affairs, housing, etc.

The book kept me on the edge & the writing is simple, steady & hilarious in parts. Looking forward to watching the movie.
Will I recommend it? – Yes


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