The Last Attractor Of Chaos by Abhinav Singh


Name – The Last Attractor Of Chaos
Author – Abhinav Singh
Publication –
Pages – 323
Type – Paperback
Rating – 4/5
Reading – Quick Read

I received a copy of this book as part of the Leaking Hearts Blogger Program.

I am not sure what to make of this book. When I read the synopsis I was really looking forward to it. A few pages & I was kinda lost thanks to special character.

Ashwin Rathod gets killed in a road accident when he is delivering a file on behalf of his wife Shruti a R&AW agent who is 6 months pregnant to her office late evening. Post the accident Shruti gets arrested for aiding the massive plan of stealing Kali.x  – the country’s biggest Nuclear Weapon. While dealing with the death of her husband, she undergoes interrogations by her own colleagues.

Shruti the original target of the accident is now been overlooked & protected by Ashwin who after his death meets Tantunam Anuhaanuha a supernatural being who makes Ashwin aware of his special powers & helps him save Shruti & their unborn child. Shruti a seasoned agent escapes from the custody & then begins her investigation of the theft. As she moves on with the investigation many aspects of her past crop up & the author takes us through that journey as well.

I personally enjoyed reading Shruti’s journey from her disturbed childhood, to her training, assignments, meeting Ashwin, falling in love & getting married. Her character is brilliantly articulated & each shade, phase of her life is very well described.  As the story moves forward, Ashwin is unable to judge his wife for 5 years as she has not disclosed many facets of her past which makes her really dark.

How do the CIA work? How do they lead their lives? Government & its politics, this books throws light even on these points.

The narration is simple yet gripping. Except the aspect of the “SuperNatural Power”, which were few for dull moments for me, I enjoyed reading this thriller.

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