New Menu at Gaylord’s, Churchgate

Town??? Seriously???
This would be my reaction if you ask me travel to Town – Colaba, Nariman Point, etc  from Andheri. It feels like a struggle to reach there but once I am there, it’s a task to leave the place & come back home.

Be it any time of the year, Marine Drive is beautiful. But Mumbai Rains brings out the Magic!!! I can sit there for hours just staring into the sea. Even though I don’t like rains, I can deal with it if I am at Nariman Point, Marine Drive….. sitting aaram se, drentched completely, biting into a masala bhutaa ❤

This was regular for me a few years back as I used to work in that area, now I need super strong motivation to travel there. So when I received an invite to visit Gaylords – the oldest & iconic restaurant in Mumbai to try their new menu, I found my fav motivation – FOOD. On a rainy saturday afternoon, I boarded the Churchgate local from Andheri. Its only during the rainy season, people are over generous & offer you the window seat ? But being saturday, the train was almost empty, so no seat fight. 45 mins later, I walked out of the Churchgate station in mild showers to Gaylords. The old world charm, the cozy setup & lights was perfect. Chef Zaheer has introduced a new menu & having been here earlier I knew I was in for a treat.

Though the menu is skewed towards non-vegetarian dishes, I didn’t get disappointed with the veg options. We began our meal with


Bhutta Kebab with Amla Papad
Crunchy exterior thanks to the mix of bread crumbs & meaty centre. The kebab was made with crushed corn cause of which you could actually bite into the kernels. Topped with a dollop of the amla papad chutney, which added tanginess to the kebabs. This has to be had piping hot to be enjoyed thoroughly.

Clicking pictures during a review is serious business. Anyone who would have any doubts on that should have witnessed us on this particular afternoon 😀 Moving from one table to the other in search of perfect lights, we eventually walked out of the restaurant to get the perfect click. Imagine doing this for every dish….. now thats dedication for a good pic. Moving on, next I tried


Vegetable Galaouti Kebab With Croissant Paratha
Melt-in-mouth, these kebabs were nicely flavoured with a kick of spice. Served on a mini fluffy-buttery paratha, when paired with the green chutney it tasted even better. No, it’s not a basic hara-bhara kebab. It’s definitely one of best ones I have had.

Truffle Edamame
The truffle oil fragrance made its presence felt way before the bamboo basket reached the table. This was my 2nd attempt at trying these beans. Tossed with sesame seeds, these were just fine for me. Maybe cause I don’t know how it should actually taste. Would I order this? Na.

The star of the day looking amazing was served next.

Baby Blue Cheese Naan With Dal Bhukhara
This was an absolute beauty!!!!
The naan’s stuffed with little blue cheese were absolutely soft & can be had on its own. The Dal was one of the BEST I have had. Creamy, smooth & so so so good ❤
They taste amazing individually but the combination is BOMB!!!!!! All you will do after this meal is Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ????
After I posted this on Instagram, someone decided to visit & try this dish. It felt so good to know that they loved the dish I recommended.


Mango Chocolate Mousse to end the meal. Served in a cutting chai glass, the mousse was smooth but didn’t quite impress me.

With the super amazing taste of the dal bhukhara still lingering on my palate, I left Gaylords happy & satisfied. The drizzle was turning into a mild shower & all I really wanted to do was to sit & fall in love with Mumbai rains. But had to head home in the train cursing the Mumbai rains……….

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  1. Gaylord’s…….As I am a pure veg, Baby Blue Cheese Naan With Dal Bhukhara sound amazing, ringing bell in my ear…and interesting too with the pic shown. To try this out, Will definitely visit to relish.

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