Letters To My Ex By Nikita Singh


Name – Letters To My Ex
Author – Nikita Singh
Publisher – Harper Collins
Book – Paperback
No Of Pages – 138
Genre – Romance
Rating – 4.5/5


“When there’s an imbalance in the amount of love two people have for each other, the person who loves more always suffers. Because they give their all to the other person, but never get the same amount in return.”

I picked this book after finishing “All The Lives We Never Lived” as I needed something quick & light. The book begins in a dramatic style where the female protagonist Nidhi Sharma decides to run away from her engagement to her childhood sweetheart & the love of her life Abhay Shukla, who is shocked to process what’s happening & lets her go!!!

What follows next is a series of 12 letters written every month…. Most of them written by Nidhi to herself to seek clarity in life & find reasons to why she did what she did. These letters take us through their journey of meeting, falling in love & other aspects of their relationship and are not shared with Abhay. But these showcase only Nidhi’s POV & thought process. Soon after walking away Nidhi realises the impact of her decision on her family, Abhay & his family, herself which leaves her in turmoil. She soon reaches out to Abhay through an email which is now followed by their chat conversations & more letters.

How would you react if you have to face your ex-fiance whom you have ditched on your engagement day? All the feeling, emotions are so well described when both of them meet at a wedding along with Simran, Abhay’s current GF.

What follows is pain, hurt, confusion which is beautifully narrated by Nikita Singh.

The journey that every relationship goes through can be experienced through the letters. The different phases that the individuals & the relationship face is an eye opener to the reality of life. The writing is simple & seamless which makes the reading absolutely hassle free & easy. I finished this book real quick. Few situations were really close to my own personal.

Experiences & I think everyone will related to them easily. I recommend the book for sure.


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