Juss By Sindhful, Khar

I tasted Dal Pakwan for the 1st time approx. 4 years back at my Sindhi friend’s place in Pune.



It was a Sunday morning & her mum had got the Sunday Special Nashta – Dal Pakwan, some special pakoda’s, etc. A thin, crisp papdi was to be had with Dal!!!!! Who has Dal for breakfast or as a snack??? Yes, I am a south-indian & we have sambar for breakfast, but this was different. This appeared like the dal we have with chawal, made of chana dal, seasoned with basic masala’s. Along with the dal were 2 chutney’s – spicy, sweet & chopped onions which added to more confusion. And then I was taught on how it was to be eaten – Chutney of your choice is added to the dal, pakwan is broken into pieces & used as a scoop to spoon the dal, top it with onions (if you wish) & enjoy!!!!

And thus began my relationship with Dal Pakwan. I loved it so much, I decided to make it at home once I was back. It was a successful attempt 🙂 (My folks & colleagues liked it & are healthy till date.)

During one of  Team Eat Review Repeat’s breakfast session’s, we landed at Manjeet Chole Puri wala to try the kulcha’s & paratha’s. We were surprised to see Dal Pakwan on the menu & decided to try it as well. The pakwan was too kadak but the overall dish was decent. On the same day, we tried it at few other places close-by. But none seemed to satisfy our palate. Soon I was asked to visit VIG, Chembur to fulfil my cravings & boy, it was absolutely worth it. Chandru’s a small sweet shop below the Versova metro station also serves DP but only on Sundays. The dal here is good but the pakwan gets super heavy soon as its fried in ghee. I even visited Sindhu Sweets in Khar but was disappointed.

A while later I came across Sindhful a small take away place serving pure Sindhi Food. I have been a fan since then – dal pakwan, chole pattice, arbi tuk, koki, etc But I had tried only snacks & never had a proper meal. Sindhful impressed part of the city with its amazing food. Started only as a delivery place, it soon opened a small outlet in khar.

Juss By SIndhful is their latest offering to the city. A small fine-dine restaurant serving pure vegetarian sindhi food in Khar. On a super rare occasion, all members of Team ERR(Except Ankit as he is Bangalore) decided to visit Juss By Sindful for a meal. Located in Khar, our meal here was wonderful. The ambiance is simple, soothing with absolute basic seating. Since we were 6 of us, we went whole hog. They had an option of Thaali, we clearly ignored it. order lots of food.


Tuk Tuk
Probably the most famous Sindhi snack ever. Another variant is the Arbi Tuk. Aloo or Arbi is peeled, boiled & then squashed to be deep-fried. Once fried crisp its topped with special masala’s. We tried the Aloo Tuk & it was perfection. Crisp edges, soft n mushy in the centre & the masala’s adding the necessary kick for taste. A proper Sindhi meal is never complete without this.


Pakwaan Chaat
A unique twist to the popular sindhi dish, Dal Pakwan. Bite size pieces of crisp pakwan’s topped with some mildly spiced chole, curds, chutney & fresh chopped onions. An absolute riot of flavours & textures. A MUST HAVE.


Soya Kebab
Topped with a dollop of Hummus, these looked plain-Jane kebabs. But one bite & you realise its special. Melt-in-mouth kebab’s with balanced flavours. A tad bit oily, can be ditched for other starters.


Crispy Seyal
As described, these are our bambiya pav stuffed with a green chutney kinda filling along with some cheese. Nothing to praise or complain, just fine. But would I pay Rs 150/- for it?? No.


A deep-fried variant of the Sindhi papad, served with Chutney. Looks really pleasing but can be ignored.


Sai Bhaji, Bhuga Chawal, Bhindi Aloo with Dahi
So this was my 1st tasting of the authentic Sai Bhaji. Traditionally made with Palak (Spinach), Lentils, etc. I am not sure I can say I liked it – its not something like I have had before so I can’t actually compare it any other dish. A mild preparation, goes well with the Bhuga Chawal – a sindhi rice preparation where the rice is cooked with caramalized onions & other spices. The name “Bhuga” derives from “cook until brown” I enjoyed the chawal on its own. The Bhindi-Aloo was good. Deep fried chunks of bhindi & aloo tossed in dry spices.

Sindhi Curry, Aloo Tuk, Steamed Rice
Another classic Sindhi combination. Sindhi Curry has many vegetables similar to a Sambar but is not as thick. Slightly on the tangy side, pair it with steamed rice it can be your next comfort food combo. The Aloo Tuk add’s the crunch & kick to the simple dish.


Sindhi Raswalle Aloo with Whole Wheat Pooris & Sindi Papad
Pieces of boiled potatoes cooked in a tomato based gravy which when paired with fluffy wheat poori’s brings a smile on the face. This dish will be loved by everyone on the table. Ensure you call for the extra portion of poori’s before you dig in. My fav of all the combination we tried 🙂

Daran Ji Curry with Phulkas
Besan-Wadi’s cooked in a tomato-onion gravy. This didn’t quite impress us.


Sev Burfi
OMG!!!!! One of the best I have had, again a MUST HAVE
Our meal here was absolutely satisfactory & we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Recently I was invited to review the thaali & I was so looking forward to it. Along with a friend I reached the place at lunch time. We were the only 2 when we reached. Soon the place was full & buzzing. We started our meal with Tikra – Sindhi Wafers

Oh you just cant stop with these. Thin crisp sindhi phulka pieces deep-fried & topped with dry masala’s. These simple & innocent looking chips are addictive as hell. The green chutney here is kickass. The tikra can put any chips, nachos to shame.

You have 2 options to choose from. All the dishes I tried in the thaali we had tried before except for the sanna pakoda – onion pakoda’s prepared in sindhi style & rose sherbet. Served piping hot & its unlimited for Rs 450/- This thaali is the perfect introduction to the vegetarian sindhi food & is a complete meal.

We ended our meal with the Paan Milkshake – A thick shake with actual pan elements. Loved it

Stuffed & satisfied, thanks to the good food & prompt service – Juss By Sindhful is topping my chart of My Fav Restaurants in the city. Can’t wait to take my parents here.

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