Cafe Neo, Dadar

Cafe Neo, Shivaji Park, Dadar



It feels really great to meet people who decide not be part of the rat race, quit their corporate job & follow their passion, you need guts to do the same. Café Neo in Dadar, a little place serving crepes to the city is a result of something similar. Started few months back by 2 friends – a CA who quit his corporate job & a photographer – who love desserts & couldn’t find good crepes in the city.  Having tasted prefect crepes in Paris & other places around the world, the known places in the city disappointed them with their offerings. So they decided to take the onus & prepare the best crepes themselves.



After going back & forth a few times, I along with Harsha (My dessert loving Partner-in-Crime) visited Café Neo on a Saturday afternoon. It’s actually a small place done-up really well with very limited seating option with few wooden benches inside & at the entrance. A flight of stairs takes you to the main outlet on the mezzanine floor.  Open kitchen with a shelf on the side wall stacked with jars filled with sinful goodies welcome you. The sweet & toasty waft of the crepes, pancakes lingers around.

I am sure most of us would have drooled over the Crepe videos seen across social media where with artistic movements, the batter is spread thinly on the pan & in a swift Ninja like move he/she flips it. And then it is loaded with all the sinful stuff – Nutella, Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Chips, Banana, etc etc I would be tasting a Crepe for the 1st time & was expecting some similar tactics and I was not disappointed. From the Crepe menu, we were recommended to try Mr Brownie Points. A fudgey brownie topped with Nutella, Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Chips in a thin & crisp crepe finally topped with whipped cream & served in a card-board cone.

Making of Mr Brownie Points –

I didn’t expect the crepe to be crisp (almost dosa like). But I realised the crisp crepe was their differentiator. With all the gooey goodness inside, the crepe still held its shape & didn’t form a lump which would have been the case if it would have been soft. Plus, it also helped in eating it 🙂 We totally loved Mr Brownie Points.


Before moving to the next dessert we decided to scan through their drinks menu & sipped on Mojo Jojo. A mix of mint leaves & lemon fizz drink which was an absolute delight.

A huge pan with mini heart-shaped cavities was next to be used to make Dutch Poffertjes – small & fluffy pancakes.

Red Velvet batter is poured in the mini-heart shaped cavities, choco-chips are placed in the centre & are left to cook for few minutes. They are then carefully flipped to cook the other side. Taken out of the pan, they are prepared to be served. Swirls of dark chocolate sauce, white chocolate sauce, maple syrup decorate the pancakes. A dollop of whipped cream later, they are ready to be devoured. Contradictory to my expectation, these were not too sweet. The sugar levels were just perfect for my taste & I can easily gobble a few at once. They taste really great when warm.

A special mention to Café Neo’s whipped cream. Not only is it “Shudh Safed” (Bright white) in colour, its smooth & has the right amount of sweetness. Else, it would have affected the overall taste of the desserts.

Before leaving we decided to try The Sparkling Gelato.

Strawberry flavoured ice-cream soda with a big swirl of whipped cream sprinkled with edible glitter. This is one pretty looking drink. Taste-wise its good. But I prefer Mojo Jojo, over this.

I must confess, though the desserts were not overtly sweet I was still craving for something spicy. So our next stop was Ashok Vada Pav 🙂 With our Vada Pav & Choora Pav we walked upto the beach, sat there for a while & enjoyed our piping hot snack.

Café Neo is a great option when you are craving some eggless & not the usual desserts. I am definitely heading back for my Red Velvet Mini Heart Pancakes.


Cafe Neo
Shop 5, Caddle Road, Park Apartment, Dadar Shivaji Park, Mumbai


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