Pot Pourri, Chembur

Chembur is extremely close to my heart. Though I don’t live their anymore, it still is one of my fav parts of Mumbai. Gupta BhelPuri, Sadguru Pav Bhaji, Geeta Bhavan’s Rava Dosa , Garden Ke pass wala Pani Puri, Vada Pav & much much more. A meal at Grand Central used to a 5 Star Experience. I saw my 1st movie at Basant Theatre. So when I heard it being pulled down & a mall has opened, I was not quite happy. Anyway….. So when I received the invite for the Preview of “Pot Pourri” opening its new outlet in Chembur, it brought back many many memories & I was looking forward to the evening.


Located in the Cubic Mall, PotPourri’s new outlet was getting the final touches when we reached. The décor with quirky accessories like – trumpet & typewriter on the wall, miniature cycles, bikes, etc mixed with flower pots give a great vibe to the place. Comfy Sofa, Wooden chairs & stools – choose the seating of your choice. With unique lights & seating arrangements, the ambience is a Big Plus. After feeding people in Vashi & Bandra (Only Delivery), the team is now ready for Chembur.


With an open kitchen, superbly well stocked bar & the staff eager to serve us, we started our evening with few drinks. Virgin Mojito, Spicy Guava & Iced Tea were sipped. Mojito with a nice sour kick was my fav & was repeated.

The food ranges from Italian, Thai to Indian. Here’s what we tasted –


Burrata On Toast

What a start!!! Crisp toast topped with fresh tomato salsa, amazing burrata, balsamic vinegar & olive. A Must Have.


Mezze Platter

Like a standard mezze platter, this one has toasted pita bread, lavash, falafels, hummus, labneh & ratatouille (I have never had this in a mezze). Loved the falafels & labneh. The hummus had a cumin after taste & I would have liked it to be smoother. The ratatouille had a sweet tinge but well prepared.


Goat Cheese & Beetroot Salad

Salads rarely impress me. This one was made with greens, roasted beetroots, candied walnuts, goat cheese & maple chilli vinaigrette. The candied walnuts didn’t taste great & goat cheese was negligible. This salad didn’t impress me much.

Artichokes Flatbread

Thin & crisp flat bread topped with spinach, dried tomatoes, artichokes & rocket leaves. With a little bit of cheese & a sprinkle of chilli powder, this was loved by everyone on the table. Do try this 🙂


Gnocchi with Red Pepper

One of the highlights of the evening. Super soft gnocchi in a red pepper (roasted, I guess) sauce topped with Parmesan. The splatter on the plate made the dish look really pretty. Melt-in-mouth gnocchi with perfectly flavoured sauce, has to be one of my fav dishes for the evening.


Mushroom & Chevre Cannelloni

Have it Hot. Like always, I tasted this when I was done clicking a few shots, which had made the melted cheese harden a little. When served, these looked like pita bread rolls. The cannelloni is stuffed with mushroom & chevre (a French cheese made with goat’s milk) & baked. Cut & served. For me this was just fine. Don’t think I will order it.


Spanco Riso/Spanakorizo

This is a veg Greek dish is made of spinach & lemon rice paired with a thick-cheesy almost paprika kinda sauce with veggies. The green rice when combined with the sauce & fresh crunchy veggies was really good. Will order this.


Barley & Millet Risotto 

Was super sceptical about this. I am not a fan of risotto & this one had millet in it. Platted nicely & the risotto is topped with julienne peppers & chimichurri sauce. A few bites & I started enjoying this. With a slight bite, the risotto is mild with the sauce adding a nice flavourful zing. A perfect choice for the health & fitness freaks.

Both the desserts were presented really well which raised the expectations.

Crepe Suzette

A thin crepe stuffed with a melon compote, topped with a sweet-tangy syrup, dollop of fresh whipped cream & a grilled thin slice of pineapple. 1st bite & the tangy taste hits really hard. But the following bites got better. The crepe was perfectly balanced on sweetness. The melon filling had a nice bite & slight crunch. A scoop of every element & I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Tres Leche

A sponge cake which is soaked in 3 types of milk & is super moist & soft. When served on a layer of thick milk-based sauce, the berries contrasted the white background & looked pretty. The ultimate taste of Tres Leche is when the spoon just glides through it. But this one didn’t pass the taste. The Top layer was super moist but the bottom one was tough almost cake like. Though it tasted good but I doubt if we can call it Tres Leche.

Pot Pourri has made a grant entry in Chembur & will ensure everyone will have a good time. With a few minor changes, the place will soon become a fav in Chembur. With the ambience, decor, service & food, this place is a great choice of a family dinner or an evening with friends.

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