Bageecha, Novotel Juhu, Mumbai

With a slight chill in the air the weather in Mumbai is getting better now. Bageecha at Novotel, Juhu is letting foodies enjoy this weather with a great view (it is one of the best in the city) & some awesome Indian food. Operating only for few months during the year, Bageecha is the open-air Indian restaurant in Novotel which under the guidence of Chef Kailash Gundupall’s is reviving some traditional recipes which have been lost in time.

Me along with fellow foodies had the opportunity to taste few of the dishes.

Dr Pani Puri

This is one doctor I don’t mind meet everyday or even few times during the day. Traditional Pani Puri served in a quirky way. Stuff the puri with aloo filling & inject them with the pani. I love Dr Pani Puri 🙂


Gucchi Ke Galauti

Mushroom kebabs which stand true to the name. Absolutely melt-in-mouth with mild flavours. You can actually taste the flavours of the mushrooms with basic seasoning. Having tasted the same at Pali Village, I had my expectations set & these didnt let down at all.


Tohafaye Zameen

Made with all root vegetables, these had a slight bite to it & starchy texture. Good nothing to complain about.


Paratdaar Paneer

Parat in Hindi means layers so I assumed the paneer to have a few layers. But this one was a soft chunk of paneer, slit in between, smeared with a layer of chutney, coated in a marination & grilled. Probably the only thing that disappointed me.


Subz Makhmali Seekh

With a kick of spice at the end of the bite & traces of chana dal, these were similar to any seekh kebabs but softer.  Almost stuffed with starters (mostly with Dr Pani Puri), we were served the main course.


Palak Gobhi Ke Kofte

Don’t let the name disinterest you. Cotton-soft kofta’s cooked in creamy spinach based gravy was really really good.



Sabz Bagheecha

Loaded with veggies, this non-gravy dish was well cooked. Almost like any other Punjabi subzi, this tasted nice but didn’t make the mark.


Paneer Dam Anaari

Seriously OMG!!! When served, it looked similar to paneer makhani or any regular paneer gravy. One bite & it’s a burst of unusual flavours. Soft chunks of Paneer stuffed with Anar Dana/Pomegranate cooked in creamy gravy. The pomegranate seeds add a sweet-tangy flavour to the spicy gravy. This is a MUST HAVE for sure.

We tried 2 dal’s & loved both.
Dal Tadka – Thick yellow dal with a ghee ka tadka.
Dal Bageecha – The perfect kaali dal you can have. Thick & absolutely comforting. Paired with hot breads, it was perfect.

For breads we relished Bakharkani, Sheermal & Taftaan. The best part is you get to try breads that are not easily available.

Veg Biryani

One of the best I have had. According to most people I know “there is nothing called Veg Biryani”. I would suggest them to try this biryani. Not over-loaded with the masala’s & vegetable, this biryani with each grain separate & flavoured perfectly, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


You get to enjoy a dessert platter here consisting of 3 desserts. We tried –

Gulab Jamun
Ras Malai &
Tamatar Halwa

Tamatar Halwa – Ever heard of it??? Appearance-wise similar to the Gajar Halwa, this halwa is Sweet with a very mild tangy after-taste & was a pleasant surprise.

Bageecha is not just a restaurant – it is an experience. With the special menu you will taste some old, unique & traditional Indian recipes.Operational only for 6 months in a year Bageecha should be on your MUST-VISIT now when the weather is being kind on Mumbaikar’s.


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