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I love subscription services 🙂


Be it books, makeup, snacks or anything else. Something to look forward to every month, it’s like a gift you buy for yourself. So receiving the #FBAIReviewBox was super fun. A cute cane basket consisting of Ready To Eat ITC Kitchen Of India’s Dal Bukhara, Paneer Makhani & Multigrain Aashirvaad Atta was delivered.


If there is one thing that I am super finicky about is – Chapati. As I carry them in my lunch box, I need them to soft till lunch time. And no chapati is not a paratha or a phulka. Chapati that we make at my place aka “Ghadichya Polya” which kinda translates to Folded Roti. Let me explain 🙂

So how do we make our chapati’s. The dough is kneaded & kept aside for atleast 30 mins. A small dough ball is then rolled into a small circle, few drops of oil are applied with finger tips. The circle is folded into a half & folded in half again forming a triangle. This triangle is then rolled into a thin chapatti. Few more oil drops are added before roasting it. The end result is a soft, layered chapatti. For the chapatti to be soft, the atta is really important else they become hard & chewy as the day passes. So we get the wheat & get it milled from a local chakki. Since the chakki process is time consuming, we are constantly on the lookout for an atta that meets our taste & keeps the chapatti soft. I honestly was a little sceptical to use the atta, the chapati’s are amazing when eaten right off the tawa but was not sure how it will sustain till lunch time. But fortunately, Aashriwad Multigran Atta didn’t disappoint at all. The chapati’s were soft till dinner time. The #MultigrainsKaAashirvaad Aashirvaad aata with multigrain including 6 healthy grains – wheat, soya, channa, oats, maize & psyllium husk is here to stay.

I also used the flour to make the Banana Bread & it turned out good too.


Ready To Eat for me is the cup noodles. But have friends who have these stored in the kitchen & consume it quite regularly. Have even heard few restaurants use these to serve their patrons. Moving On….

I love kaali dal with butter naan, it’s one of my favourite combos & my comfort food too. But I have never cooked it at home, I feel it’s a lengthy process. So I decided to try the Dal Bukhara for dinner on a weekday.


The packaging is perfect with all ingredients intact & detailed instructions mentioned. I just cut open the packet, poured it in a kadhai, heated it for 3-4 mins & it’s ready to eat. The dal is unlike the one you get in restaurants, creamy & smooth. But it’s quite close. This is perfect when you don’t wish to cook yet don’t wish to order food from restaurant. It has a slight tangy taste. I added a little water to make it to reach the consistency of my choice. Paired with some garam chawal, kata huaa pyaas & it was good to go. A pyaas-tamatar tadka might do magic too. For me this was 3/5

Another offering from the ITC Kitchen Of India was the paneer malai, extremely close to what you get in the restaurants. Creamy & rich gravy with soft chunks of paneer. You can taste a strong flavour of the masala’s & the paneer were slight brown in colour. The portion is good for 2 people. Paired it with chapati’s & savoured my meal.

Few negatives – Lots of oil & like the Dal Bukhara even this has a slight tangy taste. But again, a good option if you wish to eat at home but are bored to cook.

#FBAIReviewBox enabled me to try things which I wouldn’t try otherwise. The #MultigrainsKaAashirvaad Aashirvaad aata with multigrain including 6 healthy grains – wheat, soya, channa, oats, maize & psyllium husk has replaced our chakki atta. Looking forward to many more boxes.








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