The Little Cafe, Ghatkopar East

Ghatkopar is a vegetarian’s food paradise. From the famous Khaau Galli to new cropping restaurants serving food across various cuisines. The Little Café is a new entrant in Ghatkopar East serving a great mix of some traditional & new-age fusion dishes. Located closed to Odeon Mall, this tiny café has a lot to offer.

The open kitchen welcomes you as soon as you enter. Quirky lights & décor make the ambiance pleasant & inviting. From the elaborate menu, I tried the following –

BOMB Chilly Cheese Toast

One of the best I have had in the recent times. Thick slices of soft bread topped with a thick layer of Cheese mixed with Bell peppers & green chillies. A great start to our evening.

Fresh Guacamole with Nachos

Yes the guacamole was really fresh but lacked the smooth texture. The nachos were crisp & good. Have had better guacamole.

Couch Potato Mac & Cheese

Crisp potato skin form tiny bowls for the mac & cheese filling. Gooey mac & cheese which needed a dash of seasoning pairs well with the baked potato skins.

Keema Pav

Star of the evening. Masaledaar kheema made with Soya granules served pav was awesome. Topped with chopped onion, lemon juice the kheema was perfect. The flavours were typical mumbaiya style – chatpata, thikha – & went really well with the pav.

We tried 2 pizza’s – Mac & Cheese Pizza & PestoFesto Pizza.

Both were thin crust & baked perfectly with crisp edges. Mac & Cheese as the name suggests is mini macaroni pasta with cheddar cheese on a pizza & Pesto along with bell peppers, olives, onions & grated Parmesan forms the PestoFesto. I liked the PestoFesto over the Mac & cheese.


Classic Cheese Panini

Pesto forms the base topped with filling including bell peppers, zucchini & other veggies & cheese. With fresh ingredients, the Panini was good but for me the Pesto flavour was way to strong.


The Double Decker Burger

Desi style Indian burger. 2 heavy duty veggie patty served with double cheese slices. Crisp fries with a mayo based dip accompany the burger. Absolute desi in taste, order this ONLY if you are super hungry.

Mockmeat Lasagna

Sheets of lasagna stuffed with Mozzarella cheese & veggies. This one was tangy for my palate & couldn’t go beyond a bite.

The Anytime Wrap

Topped with salsa & stuffed with lightly seasoned paneer & bell peppers, this anytime wrap was light, fresh with clean flavours.

Magic Sparkle Meal

The 2 minute noodle served with roscetti & butter fried bagel. The dish has 2 elements –
Maggi – Perfectly cooked with light masala & cheese. What’s not to love?
Butter Fried Bagel – Jalapeno & cream cheese stuffed bagel coated in crumbs & fried to crisp. Loved it. For me these elements worked great individually but didn’t understand the combo. But a unique combinations which I haven’t eaten anywhere else.

Nutella Waffle

Bergische Waffle 2 waffles topped with melted butter & Nutella. Eggless with crisp edges, these were nice.

Along with our food we tried 2 freakshake’s.

Vanilla & Roasted Marshmallow & Chocolate Bourbon Biscuit Shake. Both were thoroughly enjoyed.

For dessert’s we tried – Sinful Mousse, Hazelnut Mousse & Classic Blueberry Mousse. The presentation was quite unique but they were too sweet for my taste. The desserts were the most disappointing part of the meal.

I ended my meal with an Americano.

The Little Café though a small place with a seating capacity of 20 people max has a lot to offer. My personal fav’s have to be the Keema Pav, Bomb Chilly Cheese Toast & Magic Sparkle Meal.

Food – 3/5
Ambiance – 4/5
VFM – 4/5

The Little Cafe
11A, Kailash plaza, Opposite Jankalyan Bank, Near Odeon Mall, Vallabh Baug Lane, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai




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