OLIO’s Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach’s Italian Bistro.

With the sun setting slowly, pleasant wind blowing & the sound & sight of mighty waves crashing….. Though my city is surrounded by water, it’s extremely rare that I get to enjoy this amazing feeling without people (read vendor’s, passerby’s, police) & honking bothering. I stood there enjoying the wonderful feeling for a while sharing the moment with a fellow foodie discussing the small joys of life.

I was at Novotel Juhu. After spending good enough time staring at the waves, it was time to turn around & move inside to relish the other joy of life – FOOD. Olio – the elegant Italian restaurant at Novotel Juhu was introducing a new menu & me along with few others were invited to try the same. Having visited Olio in the past, I was looking forward to an amazing evening in a stylishly designed place. Perfectly set tables, flowers, grand chandeliers all ready to welcome you. Before entering the restaurant, we chilled by the poolside.


While sipping our drinks we started nibbling on to some Tomato, Basil, Bocconcini Salad, some mushroom khaari’s, corn canopies, etc. The repeat’s confirmed our liking to these 🙂

A long table was set for all of us with the menu rolled up in a scroll.


As soon as we sat, the prompt service ensured the breads were placed, the napkins were opened laid on the lap, water was served, etc. All the dishes were paired with Reveilo Wines. The breadbasket looked absolutely tempting with various options including focaccia, ciabatta, etc I nibbled on few but let go of the temptation as soon as a fried cheese dish was served. (Apologies but I don’t remember the name)


A mini cheese triangle, coated in white sesame topped with some sun dried tomato – it looked really flawless. One bite & the gooey cheese was thoroughly enjoyed. The Salad was served next.


Pickled watermelon & arugula with goat cheese, apple vinaigrette & focaccia chips. Watermelon & Cheese is a perfect pair. But in this salad the watermelon was marinated in the vinaigrette, which had made it a little mushy yet packed with the flavours. Paired with fresh arugula & topped with caramelised walnuts, I thoroughly enjoyed the salad. The sweet, sour balance was perfect. The crisp focaccia chip added a crunch to the salad.

Ravioli ricotta e spinaci was served next as soon as I was done with the salad. Spinach & Ricotta stuffed in circular ravioli placed in tomato basil sauce topped with shaved parmesan & micro greens. Another classic combination – spinach & cheese – paired with a thick tomato basil sauce. Each flavour was distinct & could be tasted. The pasta had a nice bite to it but was not underdone. The slight tartness of the sauce was cut by the ravioli. I liked it.



I am not a Risotto fan but the Risotto Al Fungi here almost got me converted. With wild mushrooms & black truffle essence, the risotto was quite exotic. Covered with Parmesan shavings, greens & black pepper, this would be the most risotto I would have ever eaten. Creamy, cheesy with mushrooms, the risotto was good but I couldn’t go beyond a few bites since I am not a fan.

The flour less chocolate cake was to die-for. Served with Vanilla & Chocolate ice cream, this is Olio’s signature gluten free dessert & a Must Have. Dense & gooey, chocolate cake – even though gluten free – is really really good. I couldn’t resist myself & kept digging into it. Tiramisu on the other hand was kind of a let down. It was nice but was expecting it to be exceptional.

Stuffed & absolutely pampered it was time to leave. Executive Chef Kailash Gundupalli has come up with this new menu & he along with his team will ensure you have an impeccable & authentic Italian experience. Olio with its beautiful décor & ambiance, great food & pleasing view is perfect for a dinner.

P.S. – The images don’t do justice to the food. I had some issues with my camera & hence the not-so-good quality images.



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