Via Napoli, Prabhadevi

Via Napoli had its 1st outlet in Sion. Had been reading about the pizza’s for a really long time. Plans were made to visit but couldn’t be executed. With the sion outlet closed, the new outlet is now open in Prabhadevi, really close to the Siddhivinayak Temple.

So along with fellow female foodies, we celebrated Women’s Day & the opening of the new outlet here & tasted their Pizza’s & Pasta’s. A small little place with wooden tables paired with red high chairs & black walls adorning few paintings. With the kitchen right next to seating area, you can get a sneak peak into the kitchen.
Nothing super fancy but the ambiance is quite appealing.
Started our meal with the Garlic Focaccia.
Soft & a little thick Pizza base topped with Cheese & baked to perfection. With a dash of herbs, this would be perfect!!!
Next came Focaccia Con Olive Pesto.
Pesto for most people including me stands for Basil Pesto. So I expected this to be loaded with Olives & Pesto. But when served it looked like a basic cheese pizza. Took a bite. I couldn’t see but taste the Olives but couldn’t see or taste the pesto at all. My doubt was put to rest by the owner & chef Pranav. Pesto in Italian means Paste. This focaccia had a topping on Olive Pesto i.e. Olive Paste. Something I liked & enjoyed more than the Garlic Focaccia. The portion is that of a normal pizza & the base is unlike the commercial pizza places.
I love my basic Margherita with fresh mozzarella. Margherita Regina – sister of the Classic Margherita, this pizza comes with addition of Cherry Tomatoes.
The tomatoes add a slight tanginess to the pizza. Though it tastes good, I still prefer my basic Margherita.
Do You love olives?? Yes… Then the Napoli Pizza is for you.
Soft pizza base, smeared with tomato sauce, topped with cheese & loads of chopped Green & Black Olives. The olives add a great sour-sweet flavour to basic pizza.
Fungi Fontina – Mushrooms + Cheese = Happy Me
Chunky mushrooms loaded in cheese on soft pizza base. A dash of chilli flakes, herbs & this would be my fav. The mushrooms have a bite to them & not soggy.
Cheeejjj Pijjjaaaa This place serves this amazing Quatro Formagi – 4 cheese pizza which is a MUST HAVE for all cheese lovers.
We tried the Arrabiata Penne. Though the pasta was Al-Dente, I personally didn’t like it. The pasta for me needed a little more cooking & the sauce was a tad tangy for my taste.
For drinks we tried the Pineapple Fizz, Cucumber Fizz, Peach Fizz & Godfather.  Godfather is a MUST-TRY.
Via Napoli specializes in authentic & traditional Italian Pizza’s so its a little bland compared to the ones we are used to having. Top it with herbs & this pizza made with fresh ingredients can become one of your fav’s. If I am around Prabhadevi, I am definitely ditching other known pizza places & heading here for my doze of authentic pizza.

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