The Third House, Malad

A while back I accompanied my friend to a restaurant recently started by her friend, tried a cheesy-mushroom starter & loved it. Located in Andheri West, this was the 1st outlet of The Third House. A small place with the USP – delivery through the night till 4:00 am. T3H came into conversation recently, when a fellow foodie asked me to visit its kitchen in Malad. So on a weekday, almost 2 hour cab drive later (traffic to be blamed) me along with a friend reached the kitchen of T3H, Malad.

Let me clarify – they do only deliveries. This visit was an exception.

Once settled, being absolutely famished we requested the food to be served immediately. Here’s what we had –

Afghani Mushroom – What a start to the evening!!!!

Chunky & juicy Button mushrooms stuffed with cheese, topped with cheese & crème sauce, baked & served. With slight charred marks, the mushrooms looked really good. One bite & we had a broad smile on our faces. Absolutely amazing. With the flavours balanced perfectly, this was a really good appetiser. The only reason I stopped after gobbling a few was I had more food to be eaten. I think I can finish the whole portion (around 8 pieces) on my own & won’t feel guilty at all.
Paneer Shashlik – Big square chunks of soft paneer, slit in between, smeared with a masala & cooked to perfection in a Tandoor.


The masala in it ensures you don’t miss the green chutney usually served with Tandoori Paneer. With a good kick of spice, I wanted to alternate between the mushrooms & paneer 🙂
With both the starters being really good, the expectations were high from the main course.

Desi Sliders – One of the most ordered dish at The Third House. Semi-circular pockets naan pockets stuffed with various fillings. When served, they looked similar to the falafel pockets served in Pita Bread. But these sliders have full masala loaded overflowing stuffing in a soft-butter dripped naan pocket (we are not complaining 🙂 ) we tried 4 Veg sliders.

Veg Tawa – Even now I am drooling!!! Our fav slider of the evening. We kept going back to this through our meal. Chopped veggies in a red spicy masala gravy stuffed in the naan pocket. Ok… its an art eating this. I took a bite & the gravy was all over. Thoroughly enjoyed this.


Paneer Kadhai – As the name suggests, the naan pocket is stuffed with paneer kadhai subzi. Soft chunks of paneer, cooked to perfection with tomatoes, capsicums, etc. This was nice.

Tawa Mushroom – Similar to the Veg Tawa, this is chunky mushrooms cooked in the red masala gravy with a slight flavour of coconut. A little high on spice, must-try for all mushroom lovers.

Paneer Bhuna – With a good flavour of coconut, this turned out to be my least favourite amongst the 4 sliders. Honestly, nothing to complain about – the texture & flavour is good, but didn’t stand a chance in front of the Veg Tawa.

A tip – while ordering call for one slider + 1 roti/naan, it will be perfect. The stuffing/subzi will suffice you for your second bread.


Veg Kolhapuri

It had been a while for me since I had dug my teeth into a naan or kulcha. So when asked for our choice of bread I chose Kulcha & my friend chose the laccha paratha. Garnished with a fried red chili & juliennes of bell pepper, the Veg Kolhapuri was served. I like spicy food & was glad. The kolhapuri was spicy but unlike other places where red chilli overpower, this was balanced with a hint of coconut & you could taste the other flavours.
Paneer Makhani – I never call for this & I honestly don’t know how it should actually taste. My friend, a hardcore delhite accompanying me tried it & confirmed – Bahut Sahi Hai 🙂

With a mild sweet flavour, this is loaded with butter & has an absolute smooth texture.

Both the breads – Laccha Paratha & Kulcha – smeared with loads of butter were served & throughly enjoyed.

I am waiting for an opportunity to order.

Food – 4.5/5
VFM – 5/5


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