Indore Food Trip

My 1st Food Trip!!!
Yes, I travelled to Indore only to eat 🙂

On the agenda was a visit 56 Dukkan & Sarafa at night. Spent a weekend roaming & eating in Indore with Saher Salima & Shweta.

Special thanks to the local Indories Amrita & Aanchal who accompanied us.

Have A Dekho Of What We Ate!!!!

Started the day with the famous Poha from Prashant Poha.
This is the basic poha version. A soft n fluffy, non-sticky poha with a little sweet tinge, topped with sev for Rs 12/- was really nice.


Poha Usal at the famous Prashant Poha.
Mild-sweet poha paired with spicy vatana tari usal, chopped onion & wedge of lime.
Priced for Rs 20/- we loved every bit of it. Have you tried this??


Dahi Chutney Samosa .
Just got back from Indore trip where the agenda was FOOD ?
In the pic is Dahi Chutney Samosa we tried at Prashant Refreshments. Potato-Peas stuffed samosa crushed & topped with a green chutney+dahi mixture. Spicy, sweet, tangy, crunchy – loaded with flavours & textures, this was a 1st for me & I enjoyed this.
For less than Rs 20/-, this is a great snack.


Sabudana Khichadi ❤
My love for Sabudana Khichadi is Saccha Pyaar. When I saw it on the menu, I knew we had to order it. Honestly, I expected it to be the Indori style khichadi. But, this was more a maharashtrian preparation.
With good quantity roasted peanut powder, very mild flavours – the khichadi was loved by everyone. .
At Prashant Poha, for Rs 20/- it was absolutely worth it ?


Veg Cheese Paneer Hot Dog
This one is from the fake/non-original Johny Hot Dog. At the beginning of 56 Dukkan, we ate this “hotdog” served with ketchup, spicy green chutney & chopped onions.
Though not original, this tasted good as well. Cheesy, with a thick layer of soft paneer & a crispy aloo tikki in a soft buttered bun.


Egg Benjo ❤❤❤
We found the original Johny Hot Dog. A massive crowd struggling to get its share of BENJO!!!!.
A fluffy masala omelette in a soft butter-dripping bun. The green chutney served with it is spicy yet amazing. The original is definitely better than the fake benjo ?
At Rs 30/- I wish this was my breakfast story today…


Kopra Pattice ?
Shaam ke nashta ka time & craving is superb pattice from Vijay Chat House.
Deep fried pattice stuffed with coconut-spices filling & boiled potatoes forming the cover, is one of the fav snack in Indore.Served piping hot with sweet-tangy & spicy-green chutney is a MUST HAVE ?
For Rs 15/- per piece, this is their best & top selling snack. How I wish I could have this now….


Batla Pattice from Vijay Chaat House
Batla/Peas stuffing in Potato covering, deep fried. Yummm.


Moong Ke Bhajiye at Swadisht Kachori Corner – Sarafa
We started our Sarafa Journey with this. Light, crunchy bites of happiness. Topped with chutney, these tasted really good & were a great start to the evening. .
This is the 1st shop when you enter Sarafa. Similar to Ram Ke Ladoo, these have a rough texture compared to them.


Batle Ki Kachori
Matar/Peas is known at Batla in Indore. In the pic is Batla or Matar Ki Kachori served with chutney.
Though the chutney is really really good, it over-powers the kachori taste & you can barely taste the filling. But again, since it was spicy n flavourful I am not complaining much ?


Coconut Crush ❤
It feels like summer in Mumbai & Coconut Crush from Sarafa in Indore is what we need to beat the heat. I am not a tender coconut fan but THIS I LIKE 🙂
Nariyal Pani/Tender Coconut Water, Malai/Tender Coconut & Sugar(if you need) is whipped together with ice & server chilled. For Rs 40/- this is one amazingly refreshing drink.


The Famous Joshi Dahi Bada House ?
I have been watching the dahi wada tossing video across various platforms for a while now.Joshi ji is famous for his technique of preparing the dahi wada, tossing it in the air & sprinkling the spices before serving it.
Priced for Rs 50/- ,the wada’s are soft & taste amazing. They are not the sweet variety. Can definitely have another portion of it ?


Bhutte Ka Khees/Kees
A MUST-HAVE at Sarafa. I have not had this anywhere else. Grated corn sauted with spices & then cooked with milk which makes its absolutely fluffy n kinda creamy. Topped with chopped coriander & fresh grated coconut, this was one of the highlights of Sarafa ?


Bhutte Ka Khees


Garadu A variant of Yam. Cut into pieces, fried once & kept. When the order is placed, its fired again, topped with spices & served. Crispy edges & soft centre 🙂


Jaleba ?
Starting the date on a sweet note. While roaming in Sarafa, we saw many sweet shops but this Jalebi/Jaleba wala is almost at the end. Fresh as it can be. .
Batter In The Kadhai
Thick Jaleba Being Deep Fried
Dunked In The Chaasni
Served Piping Hot
OMG!!!! Thick yet CRISP. Loaded with sugar syrup flavoured with ilaichi/cardamom n kesar/saffron & dripping each time you bite into it. For Rs 400 per kilo, you can get you Jaleba customized. How many of these can you have?? ?


Desi Style Nachos… Potato Wafers sprinkled with spices – powdered sugar, red chilli powder, black pepper powder, jeeravan & few more. We couldn’t stop eating this 🙂


Indore Sabudana Khichadi 🙂
Steamed Sabudana is mixed with dry spices, topped with special farsan & served.
Love This 😀




Gulab Jamun


Mal Puaa


At the end of the Sarafa Trip at night, we were told to try the Anna’s Pan. But since it was quite late & parking the car there was an issue, we decided to try the Meetha Pan & Chocolate Pan right at Sarafa. Coated in Warq, a cherry & loaded with goodies inside, this pan was the perfect end to our Sarafa Journey.


Poha at Jain Sweets, 56 Dukkan?
Fluffy n mildly spiced poha with a hint of sugar topped with farsan, jeeravan masala n chopped onion. Perfect start to the day!!!!
Indore is known for its Poha-Jalebi breakfast & how can we miss that. Fresh, crisp jalebi’s right out of the kadhai is served with the poha. .
One my fav breakfast ?


Aloo Kachori .
All Aloo/Potato fan, this was is for you. ?
Have had pyaas ki kachori, moong dal kachori or simple kachori. But Aloo Kachori was a 1st. Served with a spicy green chutney, this was sooo good. Khasta as a kachori should be with a basic aloo filling, fried to perfection. Have tried a Aloo Kachori?


Dal Bafla ❤
Our last meal in Indore was the BEST. Recommended by Saurabh & Amrita we visited Hotel Rajhans to try the Dal-Bafla.
In the plate –
Roasted Papad
Rawa Ladoo
Sukhi Aloo Ki Sabzi
Lasun-Lal Mirchi Chutney
Hari Chutney
Bafla is made by kneading whote wheat atta, making balls which are then roasted on Cowdung cakes, then DEEP-FRIED in GHEE!!! Mix everything together & eat. I personally loved the crispy edges of the Bafla with the spicy red chutney ??
Rs 200/- main unlimited khaana & chaas. I gulped 4 glasses of Chaas ? It was so good.
Everything about this meal was just so good… Wish I could have this NOW. Have you tried this?


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