Sindhful, Khar

I love Dal Pakhwan 🙂

Have travelled to Chembur, GTB for the same. Woken up early on a Sunday morning to pick it from Chandu Sweets just below the Versova Metro Station. And my family enjoys the Dal Pakhwan I make. You get the drift….

Since I was spending the weekend in Khar, we decided to order lunch from Sindhful. Had heard so much about this place, was looking for an opportunity to try the food & finally the day had arrived.

We placed our order via Zomato online & the delivery was scheduled for 1:40 pm. The food reached us almost 25 mins by 2:15 pm.
A big plus on the packaging – Neat & Clean


Food –
1) Aloo Tuk – These were a little crisp on the edges & seasoned well.
2) Arbi Tuk – No salt at all. Couldn’t go beyond one.
3) Dal Pakhwan – Thick dal with crisp pakhwans. Lacked some flavour punch. Missed the imli chutney with this. Was just average.
4) Mutton Chops – were enjoyed by others
5) Sindhi Kadhi n Chawal – Disappointed. Felt it needed to a little thick and was unlike the sindhi kadhi I have had in past. .

Read some really great reviews about the place, we decided to try it. Having tasted the Dal Pakhwan at Vig, Chandu Sweets, a place in GTB nagar – found this dal pakhwan to be a little bland. Not sure if I would order again…

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