Chef’s Table: New Menu at Tuskers, Sofitel Mumbai, BKC

“What takes you so long? Its just a meal right?”
My parents didn’t have a clue about what actually happens at a review & would get upset when I would take longer than the usual time at a meal/review. Tusker’s at Sofitel, BKC – A pure veg fine dine restaurant was the 1st & only review where my parents accompanied me a while back. Hence it holds a special place in my heart.

When I received the invite for the tasting of the new menu, I knew I had to go.

Located on the 1st floor, Tusker’s has a very pleasant & classy vibe.

Wooden tables with elegant chairs, mild lights ensure you have a relaxed meal with your loved ones. The menu for the evening was placed on the table & a glass of Melon Shikanji was served as soon as I was seated. Chopped water melon & musk melon added a twist to the usual shikanji.

And then the elaborate meal followed.

  • Ratalo Ki Tikki

Ratalo Ki Tikki – purple yam , sweet potato tikki which didn’t need any chewing J With mild flavours & hint of sweetness, this was a great start to the evening.

Mathania Mirch Ka Paneer – The only dish that was a tad bit disappointing. Soft chunks of paneer, marinated in mathania mirch masala tasted similar to any tandoori paneer tikka.

Suwa Dal Wada – Suwa/SHepu/Dill is not a vegetable which most people like. But Chef Maharaja Jankidas Vaishnav has created this awesome snack. Flat dal wada with crispy edges, a little soft on the inside with a mild flavor of dill. This was a pleasant surprise & much appreciated by everyone at the table.

Pyaaz Ki Kachori – Having had this in the past, I had no doubts about this. Cut into pieces, topped with chutney, sev, curd & chopped onions, I bet you cant stop at just a bite.

Moving to the main course, Chef Maharaja Jankidas Vaishnav introduced us to his preparations.

  • Sangri Ke Kofte

Sangri Ke Kofte – A lustrous orange coloured gravy with 2 perfectly round kofta’s were served. Stuffed with Sangri (from the great duo Ker-Sangri) in a potato covering, these kofta’s were soft & yet held their shape. Tomato, Cashew based thick gravy was thick, lush & had a balanced taste of spicy & tanginess.

Rajwadi Dhokli – A thicker, richer & spicier version of a Dal Dokhli. The dokhli is made with besan & dry spices mixed with water, steamed & cut into bite sized pieces thicker than dokhli. These dokhli had the same texture as a Kothimbir Wadi. Cooked in curd based rich gravy, this was spicy & when paired with Bikaneri Puri tasted good.

Kathiyawadi Undiyo – Unlike the Surti Undiyo were the vegetables are coated with a green paste of dhania, hari lasan, etc Kathiyawadi Undiyo is cooked directly without this. Spicy & with the best produce of the season, this was my fav amongst all the curries we tried.

Suwa Palak Chana Dal – This for me was a palak gravy with a hint of suwa & chana dal making special appearances. First look & I thought this was Sarson Ka Saag but the chana dal proved me wrong. A nice gravy if you wish to consume greens for the meal.

Dal Panchmel – Made with 5 dals – Chana, Urad, Moong, Toor  & Masoor (I guess) was so so good, we couldn’t stop digging into it. A MUST- HAVE here.

Ram Khichadi – Mushy small grain rice masala khichadi with beans, green peas & wait for it…. Shallots. Never have I ever had shallots in a khichadi. Nonetheless this was good.

Khoba Roti – I had seen Chef Vikas Khanna prepare this for a series & tasted it then, almost 5 years back. A pretty looking bread from Rajasthan. Made with normal wheat atta, this thick bread is served dipped in ghee. Its hard but tastes really really great with dal.

Bikaneri Puri – Stuffed with Moong Dal stuffing, this thin paratha like puri is quite heavy thanks to the ghee used.

Stuffed yet how can we not have desserts 🙂

  • Malpua Rabdi

Malpua Rabdi – Though the malpua was a little dry & thick, the rabdi stole the show for me. The flavours were perfect for my taste.

Churma – Loaded with ghee & dry fruits, this was more like a Churma Ke Halwa. Made of the Churma served with Dal-Baati, this had a grainy texture similar to a rich mohanthaal done right. Something I had not tried before & not sure if you can get anywhere else in Mumbai.

Rajbhog – To put it simple, this is a dry fruits stuffed rasgulla. Served without any sugar syrup, would have loved it to be a little soft & mushy like a rosgulla.

We had some serious non-vegetarians of the table & must say they enjoyed their meal as well. So next time anyone questions your choice of vegetarian meal, ask them to visit Tusker’s. With a great service & an elaborate, rich & amazing vegetarian food, they might change their opinion about veg food being boring & dull.

Tuskers – Sofitel
Sofitel Hotel, C 57, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai


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