Sunbean Gourmet Coffee Launch

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hombres solteros ricos But I prefer my Kaapi over Coffee. The aroma of filter coffee is intoxicating & beats the aroma of any other coffee. Like its said in a recent coffee add – “dhoodh main ek chumach coffee powder hi to milaya hai” – most of the crowd that you see in coffee shops or “coffee lovers” don’t have much knowledge about coffee. I knew bit & pieces about the history – Baba Budan & the 7 coffee beans, types of coffee – Robusta & Arabica, etc

her explanation An afternoon spent at ITC Parel for the launch of Coffee brand, enhanced by coffee knowledge. ITC Foods introduced site de rencontre gratuit uniquement pour les femmes Sunbean Gourmet Coffee – an exquisite blend of Indian & International beans.

Discover More Here So far in India – as per my knowledge – none of the brands have a mix of Indian & International beans. With Sunbean we can enjoy the best of both worlds. Post understanding the process followed by the team to make these blends, we were introduced to the 2 blends that are being launched –

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get more Nicamalai – a fruity- sweet aromatic blend of carefully selected beans from Nicaragua & Anamalai hills and

click here for info Panagiri – a fragrant coffee with strong aroma, blended with mildly sweet Panamanian beans & intensely sweet flavored Arabicas from Baba Budangiri hills.

The name Nicamalai & Panagiri is an amalgamation of the two beans used in the blend. The artwork on the packaging captures the various elements unique to the region they belong to. For ex –
Nicamalai’s artwork captures the hear gear of the tribes of Nicaragua & Elephant heads which denotes Anamalai Hills where anamalai translates to Ana – Elephants & Malai – hills.

And this it was coffee time 🙂

ITC’s Barista Mr Ashwath took the floor & shared some in-depth info about the brew, the temperature necessary, how not to add sugar in the coffee, etc. Espresso – what we also know as decoction – is the most important part of the coffee. Wanna have great coffee? Get the decoction right.

We started our coffee drinking session with a shot of Panagiri. Strong aroma with a mild sweet flavor & a strong after taste was a pleasant surprise. Cappuccino was served next, followed latte & Americano.

Drizzle honey on the sides of your mug, pour your espresso & top it with hot water. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder & mix. This Americano was so good; I sipped the whole thing on my own. We were privy to some coffee art & few tried their hands on it too. I just made peace with my Americano.

Sunbean Gourmet Coffee is a premium coffee & currently will be available only at ITC Hotels. But, the team is working on making it available more widely. Also, these are beans & not available in the ground form readily. If you wish to buy, the staff will ground the beans as per your requirements – course, fine, etc depending on how you make your coffee at home. Since none of us have the big, bulky & fancy coffee machines at our homes, you could ask for the beans to be ground either for a French press or basic filter coffee texture.

Right now I am sipping my Nicamalai Filter Coffee, made using the basic filter coffee utensil, which I bought today 🙂
Like I said, I enjoy my Kaapi more than my Coffee.

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