Desi Deli, Oshiwara #DesiDeliLaunch

I was delighted when I saw Desi Deli opening its doors in Oshiwara a while back. During my last visit to the Bandra outlet where I ate the Veg Hot Dogs, enjoyed the Shorshe Shrooms & loved the Desi Crème Brulee – Ms Lolita the owner had spoken about the Oshiwara outlet. Soon after it was open, I visited again & tried the Ghugni Souk. While enjoying the souk, we were informed about the extension plans. So when I received the invite for the #DesiDeliLaunch party – Launch of their new menu paired with beer & wine cocktails, being a teetotaler I was looking forward to the new food menu.

Bigger & better, DesiDeli now has an alfresco seating along with a ac section. The ambiance is very casual & comforting. Nothing too fancy but the bright coloured chairs & table add to the fresh vibe.


The ac section has a quirky wall adorning random stuff like a mini plastic trumpet, a hot water bag, flower pot, baby face….. etc etc. The evening had a set menu with each dish paired with a cocktail.

Rosemary Walnut Pesto Toast set my expectation high from the beginning.

Bright green coloured pesto on a crisp bit sized toast was so good. The rosemary added a unique flavour to the regular pesto. A few repeats of this was thoroughly enjoyed.

3 Veg Chhota Dogs – Spicy, Tangy & Sweet – were next.

  • Spicy
  • Sweet
  • Tangy

Mini hot dogs with distinct flavours & combinations which will happily confused. Have a low threshold for spice? Don’t even try the Spicy Dog. Fried chillies, tomato chutney & hot sauce, topped with masala chips, this one is for the spicy food lovers. Yes, it is spicy but flavourful too. With radish mayo, kashundi mustard & micro greens, the Tangy Dog didn’t quite make me happy. The Sweet Dog on the other hand was a hit. With Cheddar, caramalised onions & spicy orange jam, it provided some relief to the effects of the Spicy Dog.

How can mushrooms stay away from a veg menu?

These bite sized sliders with a cheese-slice & sautéed mushrooms, topped on a bread-bun were cheesy & meaty, we couldn’t stop just at one.

The most disappointing dish – Desi Dal Balls were served next.

Layered between colourful bell peppers on a wooden skewer, looked really appetising. But as they say looks can be deceiving. The dal balls didn’t have any flavour. It even missed the basic salt & pepper seasoning. Didn’t make a cut even when tasted with the spicy mayo sauce served along with it.

Kathal or Jackfruit is not liked by many. Me on the other hand like the raw jackfruit sabzi, rice, etc & love the ripe fruit too.

These mini Kathal Samosas were served super super hot. Were quite oily & the filling though good, needs a spice kick.

We tried the Desi Thai next.

A 3-rice salad with thai dressing, tossed with raisin & nuts & topped with a roasted bell pepper. Honestly, I don’t know how a rice salad should taste, as I have not had it before. I liked the desi thai here. For me it was a rice preparation with spicy-tangy-sweet flavours.

Stuffed completely, I tasted the 2 desserts. Strawberry-Chocolate Chantilly & Crepe Ka Meetha.

I confess – I am not a strawberry fan. Served in a cutting chai glass with whipped cream forming the base topped with fresh cut strawberries & silky chocolate mousse forming the top layer & tasting really yumm, the SCC won’t be my choice of dessert here.

I will go with the Crepe Ka Meetha over it anytime. Inspired by Khubani ka meetha – an apricot based dessert, this was the perfect end to the evening. The apricot filling along with a dollop of whipped cream on a light crepe was enjoyed in one bite & I have no regrets 🙂

Desi Deli with the new food & drinks menu should be your choice for a great evening of food, drinks & conversations. With the comfy ambiance, colourful décor & a unique interesting menu, this place won’t disappoint you for sure. Ditch the loud-noisy place & head here for a great time.


Desi Deli
Plot 480, Adarsh Nagar, MHADA Layout, Oshiwara, Andheri West

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