Maharaja Bhog – Premium Veg Thali Juhu

The MAHA thaali at Maharaja Bhoj 🙂

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Barring the food few things which make a great thaali experience for me are – the constantly changing menu in which they include the season’s special, the service & their method of communication. I experienced this & much much more during my visit to the recently opened Maharaja Bhog – Juhu Outlet.

On a Saturday evening when we reached the venue, the place was almost full & the empty tables were marked reserved. Since we had to click pictures, I requested for a corner table & we were directed to the same. Brightly lit, classy ambiance & the comfortable seating ensure you enjoy your meal comfortably. With the plates already been set on the tables, I was checking “Today’s Menu” on the tablet monitor stuck near the table.

Noticed a really unique custom here – Before we started a meal, one of the staff members walked upto us holding a basket with a small bowl of coins & a moneybox shaped as a Cow asking us to put one coin in the box as “Gaau Daan” Don’t know the exact significance of this though.

A Chandan fragranced light amber coloured kesar-chandan drink was our welcome drink. The chutney’s – green-mint chutney, schezwan chutney & a raita were served 1st. The meal is divided into Farsan’s, Sabzi, Dal, Roti, Chawal & Sweet. For the Farsan’s we had –

Pakiza – A spring roll kinda deep fried snack stuffed with an amazing sweet-spicy-tangy date filling. This was the star of the thaali.
Ring Dhokla – I so wanna know their secret of these fluffy almost melt-in-mouth dhoklas. When coated with the schezwan chutney, they were amazing.
Ragda Pattice – Nothing to complain about, it was nice.

Sabzi’s included Paneer Jaipuri, Bhindi Dahiwale, Aloo Dilkhush & Pindi Chole. Again nothing to dislike but the aloo dilkhush & pindi chole were enjoyed more than the other veggies. Pair with Fulka Roti, Palak Puri or Thepla, you are going to enjoy these.

Kabuli Pulav a unique rice preparation which is prepared with vegetable & fruits including pineapple, apple was interesting. With the fruits adding a sweet-tangy flavour in contrast to the expected traditional pulav flavour. The comforting Khichadi served with a ghee was enjoyed with the kadhi’s served. The Rajasthani Dal & plain Steamed Rice combo with papad sealed the meal for me.

How can I forget the desserts? Literally stuffed to death, I just tasted the Mohan Thal Halwa, Keshri Jalebi & Dry Fruit Basundi. Except the basundi – which was really runny, more like a masala milk – the desserts were sinfully amazing.

As we were finishing our meal, the place was completely packed. Located at walking distance from Juhu Beach, this is the perfect place to enjoy a delectable meal post a walk on the beach. With their courteous staff, they ensure you feel at home at are being fed by a family member. “Ek aur lijiye na”, “Thoda sa aur le lijiye”, etc will be heard & you will walk out of this place over-stuffed.

Maharaja Bhog – Premium Veg Thali
Juhu Tara Road, Opposite Juhu Beach, Chowpatty Bus Stop, Juhu, Mumbai

Weekday – Rs 450/-
Weekends & Holidays – Rs 510/-

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