Hungry Head, Powai

Hungry Head

Maggie lovers head here NOW!!!

When I went through Hungry Head’s menu online, I actually started wondering if it’s worth travelling to Powai in peak traffic hours to eat Maggie & fries. Thanks to the super awesome traffic, nearly 1.5 hours later Sarthak & me reached Hakone, close to Powai Plaza. Hungry Head is a small shop-kinda setup. Place the order at the outlet & park yourself on the few tables & chairs placed. Since this was a blogger’s table & a pure veg place, we tasted more dishes than usual which made me happy 🙂

Here’s my take on what we had –

Sizzler Maggi – Maggi topped with Shashlik sauce served with fries, veggies & veg bites – sizzler style. Except for the sauce, all the other elements were enjoyed. The sauce for me was disappointing thanks to its coconuty taste.

Picadilla Maggi – Maggi is white+red pasta sauce with fresh veggies. Good.

Fries & Dips – From basic mayo dip to a chunky jalapeno dip, this will not disappoint you for sure. The perfect choice for an evening of conversations.

Thai Curry Maggi – Amazing thai curry fragrance wafted when this was served. Piping hot, this was really close to a thai curry you will pay for at a high-end restaurant.

Khow Suey Maggi – The best present dish of the evening. Slice of lemon, fried onions & peanuts placed beautifully on maggi in the sauce. Similar to the commercial khow suey, I would call for this again.

Farm to Wok Maggi – Spicy n Chatpata, This reminded me of the tawa pulao you enjoy roadside.

Chinese Magbhel – Crunchy maggi in a Chinese sauce but disappointing. I prefer the Chinese bhel.

Spicy Mexicana Magroll – The round veg bites stuffed in a wheat roti with sauces. Can be ignored.

Three Cheese Magizza – Maggi+Cheese on a pizza base. What’s not to like right??? A readymade pizza base topped with Maggie, loads of cheese, olives, jalapenos baked perfectly. Enjoyed this.

Classic Blooming Bread – I am sure most of us would have seen the cheesy-pull apart bread video online. This is that cheesy bread. Loaded with butter, cheese & herbs, it had a crunchy crust & soft centre.

Oye Punjabi Blooming Bread – This is the classic blooming bread with a tandoori paneer filling. Though loaded with cheese & butter, this for me was dry. The paneer filling doesn’t add value to the bread. I would not order this again.

Pizza Fries Exotic – Fries covered with pizza sauce layered with cheese & baked. This was tangy for my palate & didn’t quite like it.

Cheese Garlic Bread – standard garlic bread with jalapenos, cheese & baked. Honestly, nothing to complain about.

Coming to the drinks, they have a range to offer.

Cold Coffee – One of the best cold coffee’s I have had recently. It actually tasted like a coffee, was not sweet & had a nice after taste.

Kiwi Ice Tea – My favorite drink amongst everything I tried. I even called for a repeat

Lemon Mojito, Lemon Ice tea, Jeera Twister, Blue Sea – all were nice.

Though its a small place, their offerings wont disappoint you for sure. A favourite amongst students & young professionals the price point for the quality & quantity is absolutely worth it. Served in branded tubs, the portions will stuff you for sure. Visit this place for a quick meal & for your love of Maggi.

Food – 3.5/5
Ambiance – 3/5
Service – 4/5
VFM – 4/5

Hungry Head
1, Hakone, Behind Powai Plaza, Powai, Mumbai

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