Its All About The Free Food!!!!

“Free Ka Khaana?? Sahi Hai Yaar”
“All you have to do is eat & write few words!!! Big Deal”
“Kitna khaati hai tu??”
“Mujhe bhi leke jaa ne tere saath, free ka khaana khaane”
“I will also post few pics”

Its been more than a year that I am part of my foodie group Eat.Review.Repeat and I have heard these statements & much more from a lot of guys. Many of fellow food-bloggers/Reviewers (Call us whatever you wanna call) have shared their thoughts already but, I wish to repeat in my way.

Let me begin by stating – I have always been someone who is constantly eating/munching. Ask my friends/colleagues, they will testify. Since I was not “blogging” then, I never posted anything & hence people didn’t know about it.

If I am not on my desk, I would be in the cafeteria – is what my seniors or team members would say. And this I have heard from my RED FM(Early 2004), to BIG FM(2008) to Hungama (2011) days. Even at Yahoo….

“Ek baar Meghana ka desk check kar le, kuch na kuch to mil hi jaayega khaane” – Yes, cause my team & me would pool-in & get chips/biscuits/pop-corns, etc. Even now you will find at least a chocolate in my drawer. Hence the nickname “Petu” I didn’t have to put in any thought to come-up with a name for my blog/insta handle. It was right there – PetuPetkar.

Why am I writing this today? My foodie groud & me team were at a restaurant for a review today evening, doing some live social media posts & like always I got a few pings – you eating out again? Free food? Why didn’t you take me along? Etc etc

You know who you are right?? Here’s my answer to some standard questions

Free Food – Not all reviews that I do are sponsored/free. I also visit restaurants on my own & pay for my food as not all restaurants/thelas send me an invite for a review.

BIG DEAL – Yes!! It is a f*%King big deal. It’s a JOB – My fellow foodies & me don’t just eat the food. We understand the details about the restaurant – how, what, why? Etc Note it down(physical or mentally) as we have write a complete review about it. We click pictures before we start digging into the food & MIND YOU – we take this SUPER SERIOUSLY. We are never satisfied with a single click.

Social Media Updates – Yes, I post food pics cause it’s my commitment to promote the restaurant/food across platforms – blog, zomato, twitter, insta, etc. Have issues with my timeline/feed?? Please feel free to unfriend/unfollow

Appetite – Doing this one-off is fine. We do it regularly, so yes I have a HUGE appetite. But why are you bothered? You are not feeding me otherwise. If you are concerned about my health, thanks

Tag Along – Be prepared to move around, eat cold food (sometimes), be a hand-model & trying stuff that you may not like. You also have to be nice to people (staff, manager, chef, etc) even if you don’t wish too. And NO I will not give you complete attention. My priority is food & not you.

Writing – I write cause I like it, will write it the way I wanna write, use the language I wish to write in – its MY BLOG. You don’t like what I write, simple solution – don’t read

Yes – All my followers on Insta/Twitter are genuine
No – I have not paid anyone for followers

I enjoy doing this. If you can’t respect that, stay away. Next time don’t even try reaching me for suggestions/recommendations/discounts, etc

Many people I know are doing this professionally; it’s their JOB. A lot of hard work goes into clicking a good pic, putting up an insta post with the proper description & tags, framing a tweet, writing a review/blog post. Don’t do it as a ONE-OFF, try doing this regularly & then you will know that it is a BIG DEAL.

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