“Breakfast Karo” is the name & motto of the new delivery service launched recently. Haven’t we all heard –

Breakfast – The Most Important Meal of the Day!!!
Breakfast should be like a KING, Don’t skip Breakfast, etc etc

But when you live away from home, are in a hurry or simply bored what are your options? Idli/Vada from the corner wala anna or bread+eggs or oats?? Breakfast Karo offers some great maharashtrian dishes to break the monotony in your breakfast 🙂

Ever since I had seen the Sabudana Khichadi pic by Rushab’s I was eager to try the service. I am a BIG sabudana fan & love the khichadi, vada, thaalipeeth, etc. But due to my parent’s health, we have stopped preparing sabudana dishes at home. And honestly, I don’t quite like the khichadi you get in restaurants. But majboori main khaa leti hoon. When I tried placing the order for a khichadi myself, I was unable to do it due to some tech issues. Soon the owner reached out & my family & I had an opportunity to taste few dishes.

At the scheduled time, a young lady came to deliver the breakfast. It was none other than the owner herself 🙂

Packed in BK branded boxes, the food was delivered without any spillage.

We started with Thaalipeeth served wrapped in a silver foil.


Made with the multigrain flour in the traditional way – with a hole in between & served with peanut & curd chutney. Unlike we make it at home, this was small, a little thick & soft. Let me just say – We are very partial towards our thaalipeeth & have extremely high-standards. Having said that, this thaalipeeth is way-way better than the ones you get any maharashtrian restaurants. What I loved the most was the chutney served along with it. Dahi & Shengdana mixed with few spices – simple yet really awesome.

Then was my fav Sabudana Khichadi.


Just the way I like it – Soft with each grain separate. A little bland for my taste, this was topped with fried potatoes, peanuts & loads of grated coconut. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much better than the sticky khichadi you get everywhere else.

Well I don’t usually eat Granola when served at breakfast buffets when I am travelling. But Sucheta had strongly recommended the Granola from these guys.


Made with oats, dryfruits, flax seeds, etc this was one GOOD Granola. Served with strawberry curd & fresh cut fruits, I ate all of them separately.

Apologies for not clicking the picture. Last but not the least, served in a glass bottle was kokum shurbet. Neither too sweet nor tangy, this was fresh & good. My dad is a big kokum fan & he loved it. will be my choice when I crave for Sabudana Khichadi in the comforts of my home. BTW I am calling for my stock of Granola as well 🙂 Its the perfect snack for that in-between meal craving.

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