Chaos Control Cafe, Parel

Chai & Toast – A Match Made In Heaven

Bread toast is a family favourite & a snack that doesn’t require great culinary skills to prepare. Top it/smear it with some butter, ketchup/sauce/pickle/any dry chutney/theecha, etc & you have a perfect accompaniment with your chai. Except for a few udipi restaurants, which serve basic bread-butter toast, I can’t recollect any place serving toasts. (If you know of any do let me know :)) So when Team EatReviewRepeat received an invite from Chaos Control Café, the menu caught my attention. It has only 4 items – Paan, Sherbet, Toast & Chai. Post reading The Vegetarian Bhukkad Sucheta’s experience, I was really keen on visiting.

After a 40 mins drive, on a Saturday morning 4 of us reached CCC. Café??? It’s not an actual café, I mean it’s not like the usual café. It’s a small little corner with alfresco seating. Seating is really interesting. We were asked – “Kitne log hain aap?” 4 foldable chairs were placed near the grill, which had a metal table kinda setting which also doubled as board-game base.


The chairs were really comfy & helps save loads of space when not in use. A panwala occupies one corner of the open-kitchen(if I can call it that) & the rest is where the action of chai & toast happens.


Coming to the food. The bread slice is thicker than our normal bread slice. Toasted to attain a perfect golden brown colour in a basic toaster, these are fluffy with a crunchy sides. A series of toasts were served.


Jeeravan Masala – With a strong jeera flavour, this was a good start.


Kachari Masala – This was my favourite. With a nice spicy-tangy taste this is a must-have at CCC


Pudina Chutney – This one lacked the pudina taste but was ok.


Malai & Sugar Grain – One of the most known breakfast dishes in Kolkata is Malai Toast. This was a version of that. Toast smeared with malai & topped with granulated sugar. I am not a malai fan so couldn’t go beyond a bite.


Crushed Olive – Topped with chopped olives, this had a tangy taste. A very unique innovation.


Chilli Flakes – Chilli flakes on the toast, as simple as that. With a kick of spice, we liked it.


Nutella – What’s not to like? 😀 Nutella on a fluffy toast, do I need to say anything further???


Cheese Spread – This one can be skipped as its nothing special.

Along with the toasts we had Sherbets & Khulladwali Chai. Rose, Kachi Kairi, Rajbhog & Chocolate.

All these were milk based & served with Sabza. The rose & rajbhog were really good. The kachi kairi & chocolate lacked the flavor & colour. You can change the base of your sherbet to soda or water.


The Kulhadwali Kesariya Chai was amazing. I am very particular about my chai & don’t usually have chai outside as it has a very strong elaichi/masala smell & too much milk in it. But this one was just perfect – the milk & water combination with absolute right quantity of sugar with a few strands of kesar on top.


We ended our meal here with Paan’s – I don’t remember the names properly but we tried the chinese meetha paan for sure & meetha magahi paan I guess. The chinese meetha paan has shredded pan mixed with mawa. Liked all the paan’s we tasted.

CCC was a surprise for me. Located at the corner of a street opp a petrol pump, this place is perfect choice to have your chai & snack – toast in this case. Don’t expect this to be a quite place thanks to the traffic around. While we were there I saw people across walks of life – 2 elderly gentleman, a middle-aged couple, 2 young men, etc enjoying their chai & toasts. With the unique price point, I would recommend CCC to everyone 🙂

Chaos Control Cafe
Crystal Tower Corner, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Parel, Mumbai



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