Zulu Terrace, Andheri West

“Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar, hookah bar”

This is the 1st thing that comes to my mind as soon as I hear Hookah. Zulu Terrace located in the lane opp Fun Repulic & above Doolaly & Barbeque Nation is very well known for its Hookah’s. So when Sarthak & me – both vegetarian & teetotalers – decided to visit Zulu Terrace on weekday in the evening, I was expecting some fries, cheese poppers, etc kinda food but was pleasantly surprised.

Located on the terrace with big fans to keep you cool, screens to watch matches, mild lights ensure you have a chilled out evening. When we reached few tables were occupied.

We had a good opportunity to meet & interact with Chef Danny, who introduced us to the place, the idea behind it & the food menu. Both of us were served with the special mocktails – Virgin Guava Merry & Zulu Punch.


Having tasted this spicy guava drink earlier, my expectations were set. With the rim of the glass coated in salt & a good kick of spice, this drink didn’t disappoint at all. Good start to the evening. Served in a mason jar, Zulu Punch is a coconut based fruit drink. Tasted fresh but since I am not a coconut fan, couldn’t finish this.

Sholey Paneer Kebab was specially made for us & served.


Thick chunks for paneer stuffed with dry-fruit mix, grilled & served with green chutney. Though a tad dry, these kebabs were nice. Next came the Zulu Veg Burger.


Served with fries & a fresh salad, I expected this burger to be a little messy. With a crisp patty in a soft bun, it lacked the juicy texture. Wanted more sauce in it.

While we were busy chatting & discussing stories with the Chef, we were served the Zulu Veg Pizza.


Loaded with fresh toppings of mushroom, corn, olives, peppers, greens & loads of cheese – the pizza would be prefect if smeared with another layer of the pizza sauce.

“Take a break & I’ll serve you the main course” Chef Danny suggested. By this time, the place was filling in. Zulu Terrace can be your choice for a private party as well. They have a small almost enclosed section, which can host almost 50 people. With people pouring & more hookah’s/drinks being served, the evening had just started. Sarthak & me were the early birds 🙂

Mamarossa Pasta & Three Cheese Risotto was served as main course.

Since we were almost full, we had called for small portions. Mamarossa is penne is a spicy-creamy red sauce. We enjoyed it. The risotto was amazing!!! I mean seriously – its with 3 types of cheese, why wouldn’t it be nice??? The rice had a bite to it & was not mushy. The main course was the highlight of the evening for us.

Completely stuffed, we thanked Chef Danny for a lovely evening of food & interesting conversations & took his leave. With a huge screen to enjoy the latest match, Zulu Terrace is great place for an evening out with friends with drinks & hookah. Will it be my 1st choice for food? No. But this will be one of my top recommendations for drinks & food. If you are one like me – who accompanies friends while they enjoy their drinks – you know what to order & hog!!!!

P.S. – All Pics By Sarthak Oza

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