#TastesOfThailand – Thai Food Festival

What’s thai cuisine for you? Green & Red Curry? SomTam?

If yes, then read-on & plan you visit to Pondicherry Café, Sofitel to explore thai cuisine with their #TastesOfThailand food festival in association with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and SO Sofitel Bangkok.

When it comes to Indian Cuisines, I usually have a fair bit of idea about the food, preparations, tastes, etc.  And that helps me set my expectations from the meal. But when it comes to cuisines like Cantonese, Thai, Indonesian, etc I hardly have a clue. But, thanks to Sofitel I have been introduced to some new cuisines & got opportunities to interact with some great Chef’s as well. As part of their on-going Chef-Exchange Program (This is what I am calling it) where they are inviting Chef’s across Accord properties to visit, cook & train the staff in their regional cuisine – #TastesOfThailand their Thai Food Festival is the latest offering.

Planned my visit on a Saturday evening with my new & youngest Partner-In-Crime 🙂 He was prepared to click some great shots with his heavy duty SLR & devour  the non-veg fare.


A traditional thai set-up at the entrance showcases few traditional elements of the Thai Culture. We chose a table for ourselves & made ourselves comfortable.

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A pretty looking Basil-Galangal Martini was served & relished through the meal.  With the drink we walked-up to the spread. Variants of mushrooms arranged next to the soup caught our attention.


With Tom Yam Hed (Spicy Mushroom Soup) & Dimsums – I started my meal.

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The soup had the consistency, appearance of a tomato rasam with chunks of veggies & flavour-punch of lemon grass; half-a-bowl was good enough.  Wild Mushrooms, Spinach & Cottage Cheese, Broccoli dimsums were enjoyed thoroughly. With different cover, colour & shape, I could have hogged them all through the evening. The Wild Mushrooms was the favorite though. The Partner-In-Crime (PIC) is not a fan of lemongrass & couldn’t go beyond one spoon of the veg soup but enjoyed his non-veg soup & dimsums.

How does Fresh mushrooms & Dalia combination sound? Weird right?? Lab He (Spicy Mushroom Salad) is that.

2016-05-28 20.52.57

Chunks of button mushrooms tossed in sliced onions, fresh red chilli, dressing & dalai. Initially I thought it was couscous but my doubt was put to rest when the staff confirmed it to be Dalia. Fresh – Yes, Spicy – No, expected it to be packed with a kick from the chillies.

Non-vegetarians can enjoy Lab Kai(Spicy Chicken Salad) & Yam Pla Muck (Spicy Squid Salad).

Pad See-ew (Stir Fried noodles with vegetables) were enjoyed with Pean Wan Pak (Sweet & Sour Vegetables).

Dark-brown colored noodles loaded with veggies like mushroom, babycorn, peppers, onions, etc were quite bland to taste but when paired with the sweet-n-sour vegetables, they were good.

2016-05-28 20.50.40
Gang Ped Pak(Veg Red Curry)

Kao Pao (Steamed Rice) & Gang Ped Pak(Veg Red Curry) – Star Of The Evening!!!!

Mushy, sticky rice topped with the amazing red curry was just perfect. Had to stop myself post the second serving.

A live station is set to satisfy your stir-fry cravings – choose your proteins/veggies & your customized stir-fry is prepared right in front of you. While I was busy hogging the rice & red curry the PIC was enjoying the non-veg green curry, rice, chicken salad & much more. Prawn cake apparently was not good.

The desserts appeared quite strange – Man Chuam (Sweet Potato) & Banana Poached.

Small chunks of sweet potato boiled & cooked in sugar syrup – not too sweet, ok-ok. Banana Poached was red banana’s cooked & poached in milk. The texture was similar to the sweet potato & didn’t quite like the taste of it.

My relationship with thai food (green & red curry, som tam) is quite recent but is developing at a fast pace. The #TastesOfThailand food festival showcased & introduced me to Thai food in different light. With the menu changing almost every day, you can experience the actual taste of Thailand at this food festival on till the 5th of June.  The best part – Its prepared by the thai Chef’s – Chefs Chitsanuphat Dungjampa and Chalermchai Tavornaroonrat from SO Sofitel Bangkok. Talk about authenticity…..

Festival Details – http://foodthisweek.in/2016/05/tastes-of-thailand/

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