New Menu at Gaylord, Mumbai

Town – Churchgate, VT, Colaba, Nariman Point,etc – as we call it has its own charm. Its also hosts few of the oldest and iconic restaurants/food joints of the city – Bade Miyaa, Cafe Mondegar, Leopold, Crystal, etc. For some strange reason, Gaylord never featured in this list for me – being one the oldest fine-dine restaurants in the city. “Many years back all the Bollywood celebs would come here to enjoy a good evening with some live music & food” – A fact told by the owner himself whom me & few other foodies had the opportunity to meet at the Chef’s table to taste their new menu. Gaylord turns 60 in November this year & is introducing some new dishes prepared by their Delhi based Chef – Chef Zaheer.

New Menu at Gaylord

I have visited the bakery section at Gaylord to pick some dessert but this was officially my 1st visit to the restaurant. Glass doors, chandeliers, stairs to the mezzanine floor, rustic paintings adorning the walls – with its old yet charming ambiance I was really looking forward to the meal. Thanks to the summer heat, a drink was essential – Spicy Watermelon Guava came to rescue.


With a slice on watermelon resting on the rim, this thick-pulpy juice leaves you with a spice-kick at the bottom of your throat. Liked it.

Sharing table with vegetarian foodies has its advantages – we click together & we finish the dish together. No need to pass it to the adjacent table or wait for veg food from them. Though we click all the non-veg food that is served 🙂
We began our meal with appetizers which included – Dahi Cheese Rolls, Veg Kulfi Kabab – Kabab in Tequila Glass, Champs Tajdar – Tandoori Lamb Chops, Kulhar Ki Tangdi – Chicken & Lasooni Fish Tikka.


Veg Kulfi Kebab’s – Cooked on a sugarcane stick, the veg kebab was really moist & soft with mild flavours. Dipped in a sweet honey-chilli sauce & served in shot glasses, I enjoyed the kebab on their own. The sauce was really tangy for my taste with a strong vinegar flavour.


Plated beautifully as bite-sized portions on glass spoons, the Dahi Cheese Roles appeared like spring rolls. With melt-in-mouth hung-curd n pepper stuffing in a breadcrumb coated paneer strip topped with a spicy-mayo sauce, these were a great combo of texture & taste. The softness of the hung-curd is contradicted by the crunchiness of the breadcrumbs. Add a pinch of salt & I could finish all of them. The meat-eaters could be seen enjoying their starters.


A big platter of creamy apple-prune salad was brought next.


Chopped apples & prunes in a thick, creamy eggless mayo dressing, was apt for the summer heat. Served cold, this salad is perfect for the whole family, as everyone will enjoy it. Similar looking Prawn & Bell Pepper Salad was served for the non-vegetarians.


Prawn Bell Pepper Salad


Small handi’s covered with dough containing Mutton Dum Biryani was placed on the table & a live demo of Cooker Da Kukkad (Chicken Curry in Cooker) was also done. Then came the Veg Dum Biryani.


Unlike the traditional biryani this is not loaded with masalas. Very light in flavours but with a strong essence of ghee, this was more like a masala rice/puloa. Call it whatever, we loved it. In fact we asked for an extra serving 🙂

Post the rice, Chatpata Aloo was served with a basket of roti/naans.


Boiled potatoes tossed in onion, green chillies & other basic spices. I expected this to be spicy/tangy but the taste was subtle. Special mention to raita & the breads served – be it the roti/naan/lachha paratha – they were soft & really nice.

First came the smoke & then came the dessert – Khubani Ka Meetha.

Served on a bed of dry ice, I tasted this for the 1st time. Made with apricot, khoya & loaded with dry fruits. With the Gajar Ka Halwa consistency, the dessert was too sweet for my palate.

My experience at the oldest fine-dine restaurant is Mumbai was a memorable one. Located at walking distance from Churchgate station, Gaylord was a pleasant surprise for me. Would love to go back & have the dahi-cheese role, chatpata aloo & naan 🙂



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