Down The Road, Kopar Khairane

My trip to “Down The Road” will remain a memorable one. For once I decided to take an ac bus from Powai to Millenium Business Park, Mhape where it’s located. Which initially appeared like a good idea but didn’t take me long to realize what mess I have got myself into.  After the bus taking the longer route, getting stuck in a massive jam, me taking an auto & almost 3 hours later I reached Down The Road.

Located on the ground floor DTR is a surprise element in a corporate park. By the time I reached my fellow foodies had already started enjoying the food & drinks. The bar welcomes you to this lounge with comfy lighting, which sets the mood for a relaxed evening. We were seated in a sofa-cabin kinda seating which gave us a little privacy to click pics without people staring at us 🙂


Mango Fizz Mocktail – With fresh sweet-sour mango flavor & a fizz I had a great start to my evening.

With Corn Cigar Rolls & 3 way crispy potatoes we began our food journey for the evening.

The veg cigar had a samosa like cover stuffed with cheese & corn. Served with mango flavoured mayo, I enjoyed this. Fried Baby potatoes served 3 styles – pesto, tamarind & tomato. Eat it as soon as they are served else they tend to get soggy. Covered with a layer of batter, deep fried & the tossed in these 3 sauces – these are bite sized snack to be enjoyed with your drink. The pesto potato was my choice amongst the three.


Topped with a melting cheese slice, the luscious looking lamb burger made its appearance followed by the veg burger.


Served with a salad & fries, this was one of the best veg burgers I have had. Crunchy patty in a soft bun loaded with various cheeses. You can actually taste the patty, the cheese doesn’t overshadow the flavor. This is one BIG burger.

Why miss the desi flavours? Taste the Sabzi Mandi with the butter roti.


This is a mix veg gravy – appearance & taste similar to a veg kolhapuri. A tad spicy (which I really like) goes really well with the soft butter roti which is served in a Soop (It’s a Marathi word – go find it :P)

“Indi-Chini bhai bhai” How can Chinese food be left behind?

Since most of it was non-veg, I tried the fried rice & liked it. Gauging other’s reactions, they were enjoying the chinese spread too.

Then came a Veg Sufiyani Biryani which according to me was a little confused dish.


Served in a kadai over a small chulha, this biryani had a sabzi gravy below the layer of the biryani rice. When served, it was like eating a kadai-sabzi with rice. No doubt the taste was nice, but was it a biryani?? Hmmmm

Phirni & Carrot Cake was served for dessert.


Phirni was just fine (1 spoon that’s it) But the carrot cake was EPIC!!!!


This was one dense, moist, perfectly sweetened (for me atleast) carrot cake. Though completely full, I couldn’t stop eating this. This is a MUST HAVE at DTR 🙂

DTR will/should be your go-to place if you work or stay in and around mhape. The place has great music (DJ was playing a great mix of old & new English music), drinks & big screens to watch match with your friends &ambiance to have a relaxed evening with your family. If you are in Millenium Business park – Down The Road is a Must Visit.

Down The Road
Unit 8, Rupa Solitaire, Millenium Business Park, Mahape, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai


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