Ellipsis Bakery, Worli

Are we heading the right way?
Aisi jagah kaun bakery kholta hai?
Itne andar tak kaun aayega?

Discussing all these things Priyal & me reached Ellipsis Bakery on a Sunday afternoon. One of the lucky days when the Mumbai weather was pleasant & we were pleasantly surprised by this beautiful bakery.Thanks to the google maps, we reached very close to the actual place & the last leg was covered walking. With major construction happening around, this place is almost secluded from the main road. Though they have signs indicating their presence, it could be a task finding this place.

But when we reached, both of us had a big smile on our faces. Almost hiding behind bushes is this pretty, quaint looking bakery.


With the glass walls, giving you a peak of all the goodies inside, it’s absolutely welcoming.

Enter & you can see the fresh breads, croissants, sauces, oils, etc stacked on your left. Right in front of you is the open kitchen where the magic was happening. A massive display showcases the offerings of the day.

The daily specials are handwritten on the blackboards stuck on the wall. 3 tables – 2 for 2 & 1 for 4 is all that available. The fresh sinful smell of the breads & other baked goodies, add a great element to the amazing ambiance. This is a perfect place for a quite date 🙂

Coming to the food. We were served Cookie Dough Cupcake, Banana Nutella Cake, Chocochip Cookie & Red Velvet Whoopie Pie.


Cookie Dough Cupcake – Vanilla Cupcake with cookie stuffed in it topped with cream cheese frosting & cookie bites. One bite & you commit sin, which you don’t regret at all. It’s a battle of textures – smooth frosting, crunchy cookie & crumbly cupcake. Priced at Rs 130/- its as sinful as it gets.


Banana Nutella Cake – Moist banana cake & nutella layered with fresh banana pieces, chocolate & walnuts. What can go wrong?? This is one dense-heavy yet a MUST-HAVE cake here for all nutella fans.

IMG_5090Red Velvet Whoopie Pie – Extremely light, melt-in-mouth cream cheese filled red velvet layered pie. Trust me you don’t have to put in any effort to eat this – place it in your mouth & feel it melt away. Don’t even try picking it up to take a bite; its so light it will be crumble.


Chocochip Cookie – Crunchy on the side & soft-gooey inside this is one massive chocochip cookie. Enjoyed this with the perfect cup of cappuccino.

We were almost of a sugar high & requested for something savory. Priyal tried the Chicken Galate


With a mild flavored chicken filling topped with olives in a perfectly crisp crust & I enjoyed the Veg Quiche.


You just need to bite the few corn bits in this quiche, the rest just melts away. The base is buttery n crumbly. Filling has cheese, spinach n corn topped with truffle oil. Though a small portion, this one is super filling.

With very light drizzle, amazing desserts & savory goodies & a good coffee, I could have sat there for atleast another hour.


Ellipsis bakery has some really fancy yet amazing food. Yes, it’s expensive but once you try it you’ll know it’s worth every penny. They deliver their stuff through Swiggy. The only disappointment is the location/approach to this place. On our way out I picked up a Nutella Cupcake & The Cookie Dough Cupcake and both were loved by friends.



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