Tea Villa – Versova, Mumbai

One of the prettiest cafes I have visited recently 🙂

Having crossed but not visited Tea Villa Café in Bandra & Parla, I was aware of this establishment & their offerings. And thanks to fellow foodies, I had seen, read & heard about the food & tea being served there.


Versova welcomed Tea Villa Café which opened it gates on Sunday. Located bang opposite Dariya Mahal on Yari Road, this beautiful white structure is meant to catch your attention for sure. Enter through the green door & on your right is the seating area on the ground floor. Also, on the ground floor is their dessert counter & the tea section with bar stools 🙂


On your way to the stairs, don’t forget to read Today’s Menu on the iron pans. Simple arrangements of tea cups/mugs along with some hand-painted posters adorn the walls.


And then you enter the world of teabags!!!!!


Beautiful, big, paper-made pure white tea bags hang from the bright sky-blue ceiling. Few double-up as lights too. Large tea-bag shaped sofa’s make for a cozy-couple seating. Choose between a normal table-chair arrangement or the cabin-kinda arrangement, you seating will definitely be comfortable. The pure-white & sky green/blue colour combination is something that I really loved.

“India is a tea drinking nation. But, there are hardly any tea serving cafes. Hence the thought of Tea Villa” explained the tea-addict owner Ms R who joined us for the evening. Once comfy, she called for few starters.

Villa Special Fries, Cheese Fritters & the Star Of The Evening for me – Lotus Chilli Stems.


A mix of potato wedges & sweet potato fries were served along with 3 dips – tomato sauce, chilli mayo dip & one more (my guess it was some mayo dip). Was trying the sweet potato fries for the 1st time & must say they are quite good. Texture is a little different than the normal french fry. Good start to the starters 🙂


Served with honey-chilli dip, these looked like the usual cheese poppers. But these were with a twist – a corn twist. Cheese+Corn+Jalapeno’s deep fried – what’s not to like right?


I just couldn’t stop eating the lotus chilli stems. Thin slices of lotus stem (kamal kakadi) deep fried & tossed with fresh chilli, sauces almost chinese style. Trust me you cant stop at one. This one is a must-have here.

Along with these we sipped some Lemon Ice Tea & Robios Tiramisu. Served in a mason jar the lemon ice tea was just perfect, not loaded with sugar syrup. I am a green tea person & when I was suggested to try their Tiramisu flavoured green tea, I was quite intrigued. Apologies for not clicking pics but the green tea is served in a really distinctive way – the tealeaves are in a small glass tray covered with a glass cloche, a glass of warm water at 80 degrees, a glass kettle to brew the tea & a small sand clock to help you brew the tea to perfection. The tealeaves smelled exactly like Tiramisu & were edible. Brewed as per the sand clock, the tea was mild with light tiramisu flavor.

Mac & Cheese Fries & Aglio Olio Spaghetti (On special demand by Rushab) came next.


Served in a small pan, the fries were hiding under a layer of creamy macaroni. A dash of chilli flakes & I devoured these.


Aglio Olio is a simple pasta preparation yet most of the places don’t get it right. Either its dry or loaded with oil. But this one was just perfect. No residual oil could be seen. Served with garlic breads on a small pan, this turned out to be the favourite in the mains.

Waffles for desserts 🙂

If you following me on instagram (@petupetkar) you would have already seen the sinfully sinful chocolate loaded nutella waffle.


Crunchy on the edges & soft in the centre, covered in nutella+melted chocolate sauce – This one if OMG!!!!


Mixed Fruit Nutella was served as well. Strawberry flavoured with light pink colour these waffles were cut in between & stuffed with some fresh fruits & served with caramel. Thanks to the fresh fruits, you feel less guilty about the dessert.

Ever eaten the whole dessert including in ware in which it’s served? You can do that here with The Brick Shake.


Hazelnuts stuck to an edible chocolate cup with chocolate brownie at bottom topped with chocolate mousse & finished with whipped cream alongside vanilla ice cream. 🙂

Completely stuffed yet I didn’t wanna move out of the place. Few more weeks & the open air seating on the terrace will be open too. Perfect during the rains along with the view of the sea. My experience at Tea Villa was really good. Love the ambiance & the food is VFM. The menu is extensive & sure to meet your cravings. I am visiting soon for breakfast.


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