Bombay Bread House – Kharghar

Open Zomato -> Places Deliver -> Sort By Ratings -> 1st name Bombay Bread House 🙂

After reading the reviews, didn’t have to put any efforts in deciding the order. Clicked on online delivery & placed the following order –

  • The Egg-Ermeister (Garlic & Herb Scented Omelette Topped With Lettuce)
  • The Megatron (Too Much Meat For One Person To Handle)
  • Chicken Chili Toasties

The delivery was done before the scheduled time mentioned in the order confirmation sms. Good quality cardboard boxes contained the nicely packed food.


Chicken Chili Toasties – Crisp bread slice topped with small pieces of chicken in a creamy-spicy-cheesy sauce. Was loved by the partner-in-crime.

The Egg-Ermeister – The Egg sandwich was in a whole wheat focaccia wrapped in an aluminum foil & served with potato wafers. A thick egg omelette with chunks of garlic, topped with a generous layer of mayo, fresh lettuce & julienne of green capsicum. OMG!!!! This is one big+messy sandwich. I could barely hold it & take a bite. With the mayo leaving traces on my face, I couldn’t finish the sandwich.

The Megatron was loaded with chicken, creamy sauce & capsicum. Was thoroughly enjoyed.

Bombay Bread House lived up to my expectations post reading the reviews. The sandwiches are fresh & HUGE!!! The packing was perfect & its absolute value for money. Keen on trying the other stuff now 

Food – 3.5/5
Service – 4/5
Value For Money – 4.5/5

Bombay Bread House
Shop 25, Plot 6-10, Hard Rock CHS, Sector-7, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

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