One Hundred Days by Shweta Modgil


“I wish I could just quit my job & travel”
“I hate this daily routine, so wanna quit”
“Tried of this corporate life, I just want to do something meaningful”

I have said these lines a few times & have heard them from my friends & colleagues many a times. I guess everyone who has been working for more than 7-8 years feels this at some point-in-time. One Hundred Days by Shweta Modgil is about Neel’s journey once she quits the corporate rat race.

I received this book as part of the Share-A-Book Facebook Status scheme. I don’t know who has sent this to me but was really excited to receive. When I read the synopsis on the back of this paperback book, my 1st thoughts were – a book similar to Eat Pray Love or something on women-empowerment, etc But I was wrong. It’s about Neel who has taken the plunge & decided to quit her high-paying corporate job & has no plan on what to do next. The author is her friend & has decided to document her journey for 100 days.

The journey begins with enjoying the basic & mundane things that are not even thought or noticed in the day-to-day life – walk in the park, flowers along the road-side, bicycle ride, etc. But like most Indian parents Neel’s mother comes into the picture & questions her decision to quit, next steps, studies, marriage, etc. Her brother based in the US also turn’s down Neel’s decision of – “taking as it comes” approach & pushes her to make a choice. Soon Neel auditions for a play & join’s a theatre group, is introduced to “Go-Getter Girls” & takes up a part-time job. Thanks to the theatre group she takes up music lessons & is prepared to perform in her 1st play. But thanks to our Indian Family & their love & affection, Neel is forced to make a choice & she makes a logical & balanced choice.

Neel finally learns what’s important for her & decides to chase her dream. While documenting Neel’s journey, author realizes her dream of writing & prepares her 1st manuscript too. Shweta Modgil’s writing is simple & easy. The poems in between light up some thoughts & make you wonder about your passions. A quick read.

While helping Neel fulfill her dreams, She realizes her passion & her dream of being a writer also come true.

One Hundred Days – Her Quest, My Cure
Shweta Modgil
Pages – 147
Price – Rs 199/-
Review – Quick & Light Read.

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