My Food Journey in USA – Part I

Mom: Let me make some snacks for you, you can have it there
Me: No
Mom: Have heard you don’t get veg food there
Me: No
Mom: what the harm in carrying it? You are flying business class, no issue with luggage then what’s your problem? What if you don’t get anything to it? What if you don’t like the food there?
Me: Amma pls… I will find Veg food & I will enjoy the food too

Had this conversation few days before I leaving for US. But amma being amma packed made some snacks & ensured that I carry them. Finally the day arrived. It was an early morning flight, my parents decided to come to the airport to drop me off. The Emirates Cab came to pick up & we reached the airport way before time (Thanks to my dad, he pushed me to leave really early). My worry was how would they reach home at 3:00 am in the morning but they managed too. 🙂

Security – Done
Check-In – Done
Flight – On-Time
My State – Hungry

We decided to wait in the Emirates Lounge till the flight was announced. The perks of flying Business Class – a lounge to spend time, food & coffee at your service & the 1st ones to board. ☺ The Emirates Lounge is really well done with a good buffet, loads of seating area, bar – coffee & alcohol & amazing sofa’s with a view of the runway. I ate few sandwiches, hummus with pita & some salad. To try & stay awake I had a cappuccino.

Sunk in the comfy sofa, sipping the coffee & enjoying the runway view – what a great start to the trip.

Soon the boarding was announced. As soon as we boarded, we were welcomed with champagne/juice. A menu is handed over to place order for breakfast. Thanks to the super comfy seating or should I say the almost-bed, how can you not have a great flight? While enjoying the latest TV series, the breakfast was served – aloo tikkis, chole, fresh fruits, naan, paratha’s, dahi, butter & coffee.


After breakfast, was just finishing my coffee & the landing was announced. We had a stop-over in Dubai for almost 2 hours & then we boarded again. Almost 22 hours later, we landed in JFK. Bristol, Connecticut is approx. 1.5 hours from JFK & we reached there in the evening by 5:30 pm.


A chunky, crunchy on the outside but chewy on inside walnut choco-chip cookie welcomed us at the Double Tree Reception. Double Tree by Hilton is the only other hotel in Bristol. The room was quite small but comfy. We decided to have dinner at the hotel & get sleep to avoid the jetlag. The dinner included – beer battered onion rings, sautéed mushrooms, veg taco soup & chicken wrap.

I was shocked looking at the portions. But honestly the food was not that great. Next day morning breakfast included scrambled eggs, granola, fresh fruits, breads – nothing great too. Lunch happened at the ESPN Cafeteria. Dinner was with the whole team at Viron Rondo Osteria.


Around 20 mins drive we reached this absolutely cozy looking place. We were quite famished so called Antipasti – a portion for Garlic Bread & My Mother’s Chips. From where we were seating I could see the kitchen where the pizza’s were being made in a wood fired oven.


Loaded with cheese, soft bread with crusty edges – Garlic breads were served. With in no time, they disappeared.


My Mothers’s Chips included Eggplant and Zucchini chips served with cucumber yogurt dip. The chips didn’t have any taste but was ok with the dip.

Next came Insalate – Toscana including mixed greens, mozzarella, olives, grape tomatoes, artichokes, roasted peppers, polenta croutons, white balsamic.


I was kinda full by now. The portions are divided into individual & family. My main course order was Pappardelle Toscana – sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, cream, brandy, Grana Padano. IMG_9907

OMG!!!!!! My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw the portion. Started wondering if the individual portion is this huge, what the family portion would be like…… My colleagues had called for Margherita fresh mozzarella, marinara, basil, Parmigiano Reggiano


I throughly enjoyed a slice of the same. Was feeling really guilty as I could barely finish half of my pasta 🙁



Tiramisu  for dessert. Fluffy & absolutely light & melt-in-mouth, this was a piece of heaven. Even though I was soooo full, I couldn’t stop at just a spoon. Got greedy & finished most of it. 🙂  Barely able to move, I somehow managed to pull myself out of the chair & walked to the car. The next thing I remember is – I was fast asleep in my room.

“You have to visit Chipotle”
“Chipotle is a Must visit”

So when we decided to visit West Hartford for dinner the next day & while roaming around I saw Chipotle, I knew I had to eat here. We were 3 of us so we decided to have – a veg burrito bowl, a burrito, veg soft corn tacos & nachos. The set-up is similar to Subway – place your order, choose your stuffing, toppings, sauces, etc & the person on the other side will make your order as per your choice.


I loved the Burrito Bowl 🙂 Cilantro-Lime Brown rice, Black Beans, Fajita Veggies, fresh tomato salsa, sour cream, chili-corn salsa, gaucamole, cheese & many other things. Spicy, fresh flavours – this is really really good.


The Soft Corn Tacos were mild but with the spicy burrito bowl, it worked well. Fresh lettuce, sour cream, beans & salsa wrapped in soft tacos – a great combo.

How can you not have Nachos??? 🙂 With Mild Salsa & fresh-crisp chips a great side dish.

Chipotle became an instant favourite & had it again in New York again. This was my last dinner at Bristol as we were heading to New York the next day. What did I have in New York??? How can I not share that…… That Post is Coming Soon!!!!!!



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