Wafflist, Mumbai

Waffles without eggs??

Yes, the same are available at Wafflist. Team ERR received an invite to visit & try these eggless waffles.

Personally, I have recently started enjoying waffles after the awesome experience at Di Bella Café. Those waffles were super awesome. So when we got the invite, I was quite excited to try these waffles. Located on Carter Road, Wafflist is a small outlet amongst all the other eating joints. We entered & released that there is actually no proper place to sit. Max 2 people can sit.

A big menu was handed over to us & our exact words were – We wanna try all of them ☺ So they decided to make special waffles for us – 2 waffles divided into 8 pieces for each flavour. The décor is extremely simple. A big menu is available right above the counter.

2015-07-15 19.32.20

An interesting graffiti occupies the wall behind the counter.

2015-07-15 20.10.27

Wanna customize your waffle? The option is available & you can check the details on the wall on the left side of the counter.

2015-07-15 19.30.24

Our waffle platter was served with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Since its almost a takeaway place, they serve the waffles in a cardboard tray with a slot to hold the ice cream. This way eating the waffle is convenient. But the forks are not suitable to eat the waffles. They need to be changed for sure. You can choose your waffle to be either soft or crispy. Mine was crispy.

2015-07-15 19.45.04

They offer 8 waffles.

Oh Honey – Plain waffles with honey drizzled on it. Simple & Sweet.

Chocoloaded- Waffle covered with 3 types of melted chocolate & nuts. This was actually a chocolate overload. Perfect for chocoholics ☺ I wouldn’t have gone beyond 2 bites. This one actually takes time to finish.

Cookie Rookie – Waffle covered with fresh whipped oreo cookie cream & melted chocolate. After the chocoloaded this one felt really light. Oreo cream tasted well with the waffle. BTW this one is there most wanted waffle.

The XOXO – Waffle with strawberry & hot melted chocolate. This one is for strawberry lovers. A nice dollop of strawberry crush covers the waffle along with melted chocolate. I am not a strawberry fan so didn’t quite like it. XOXO was good but this one is not for me.

The Checkmate – Blackforest on a waffle with cherries on top. This one was again a light one. Whipped cream with chocolate shaving & cherry.

Nutty Buddy – Nutella on fresh banana’s on waffles. What can go wrong in this? ☺ Have this if you feeling a little guilty about having waffles. Fresh Banana are healthy right ? 😀 so you having a healthy waffle. 😛

ZoZo – Waffle with raspberry & chocolate. Very similar to XOXO.

Oh Banofee – This one I tried the last & loved it. Fresh banana with rice crisp’s covered with a caramel sauce (I guess). This was the lightest of the all.

After eating, now it was time for shots. ☺

2015-07-15 19.56.55

We tried the Belgian Hot Chocolate Shot, A Mint-Chocolate Shot & A Chilli-Chocolate Shot. All the 3 shots are served warm.

Belgian Hot Chocolate is pure dark chocolate. Not for me but will be loved by a chocoholic. I can have few sips, cant finish the shot.

The Mint-Chocolate shot was nice. Great flavour of mint with the chocolate.

I can finish this shot sip-by-sip.
Chilli-Chocolate shot was a big surprise. You can actually see chilli flakes on the shot. When you sip it you don’t feel the hit & then it hits you. Again few sips yes, cant finish the whole thing.

Wafflist is a small place where you can fulfill your craving for a waffle of your choice. Choose the texture – soft or crispy, add the toppings of your choice or pick one from their menu. Dare someone for a shot challenge. Agreed it’s a small place, more like a takeaway place but serves good waffles. The staff is great. Pick you waffle & enjoy it by the sea.

Food – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Ambiance – 3/5
Value For Money – NA (As we didn’t pay for it)

Gagangiri Apartments, Carter Road, Bandra West

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