Veena Stores – Bangalore

I had decided to visit few famous breakfast joints in bangalore during my visit. Started my journey at Veena Stores, Malleshwaram. We just sat in the auto & told the driver Malleshwaram, religiously followed google map & reached this hole-in-the-wall kinda place.

Veena Stores is actually a store/shop where you get awesome breakfast. There is no seating available & not even table to place the food to stand & eat. The food menu is short & has very few items – fixed on the counter. You place your order to the man behind the counter, take the coupon, move a few steps, handover the coupon to the server, repeat your order & wait for him to give you the awesome stuff.

We ordered for a Savige Bath, Idli-Vada & Khara Bath. The chutney is served by the chutney-man sitting next to the main counter.


Savige Bath is sevai upma. Separate strands of vermicelli with basic seasoning & perfectly flavours. I really liked it.


The idli’s were super fluffy. Vada was crispy on the outside & soft inside.


Khara Bath i.e Upma was one of the best upma’s I have had. Mildly spicy, extremely soft, gooey, no need to chew just swallow 🙂

The chutney has a minty flavour. This place proudly goes with “No Onion, No Garlic” principle.

Finished our meal with the super awesome coffee. Absolutely value for money, you can see the popularity of this place with the crowd standing & eating outside, taking parcels. Students, working professionals, family, breakfast post your morning workout – Veena Stores seems everyone’s favourite.

Food – 5/5
Ambiance – 2/5
Service – 4/5
Value For Money – 5/5

Veena Stores
187, 15th Cross, Margosa Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

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